PyWeek - Another chance - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
2 3 2

nice music

3 3 1

Magic bullets indeed. :) Short and not very innovative, but ok. Connection to the theme is
fairly weak.

1 1 1 yes

pygame.font.SysFont shells out to a command that never terminates on my system.

4 3 3

Connection with the theme is a bit distant, but it's still an ok game. Not a big fan of the autoaim

2 4 3

The graphics are nice, but there are some display bugs (character walking on trees, ...). Also
the fighting system is not totally finished. But this can be a fun game with some more work!

3 3 3

Nice work.

3 4 2

Your art style is very unique and I think you have a very good looking game again this pyweek.
However certain things still jump out. Mostly the fire rate. It's too fast and too hard to
conserve ammo. I wasn't able to find the portal on my first couple times playing, maybe once
you've collected enough "power" (how much is enough?), the game could direct you towards the
proper area with an arrow or something. There were also some issues with the edge of the map, as I
got stuck several times and ended up crashing the game by walking off of the edge of the map. Also
it would have been good to have some feedback when the player got hit besides an HP number going
down. Maybe just flash the sprite in some way. Jammin music, wish there was sound effects :)

3 3 2

Pretty hard, plus I noticed a few bugs (stuck on the ceiling). But playable and entertaining

3 3 3

The graphics are minimalistic, but matching and well executed. Gameplay is not terribly
hard, but working. The target seeking bullets make it very easy. It is not entirely clear what
the game's goal is. I just randomly stumbled across the exit. There are some glitches. You can
run above the trees. It is possible to get stuck at the edges of the map. There seem to be some
places on the map where messages appear (I found the bed and a computer). Maybe include these in
the game a bit?

2 3 2

Nice player and zombie graphics. The shooting scheme was interesting. I'm not sure if I ever
worked out what was setting the direction so I was just button mashing, which seemed to work OK
until I ran out of ammo!

3 2 2

Cool/weird graphics and music. Liked the concept and was keen to see where it went but the game
would crash when you tried to go near the TV. Also noticed buggy key movement, times where the
character would just walk around randomly for some reason?

3 2 3

This was a fairly solid effort. I really wanted to like it, but some things made me feel lukewarm
towards it. I liked the environmental objects like the bed and the note, that was a nice touch.
The auto-aim rifle was convenient and a very welcome feature. :) Overall this was a nice entry.

The music was cool, if repetitive after a while; a little variation might have helped, like
random length pauses or volume adjustments.

Here are some observations below. I try to keep them constructive. And I understand, it's
Pyweek and time is scarce! I do take this into consideration while scoring. :)

The zombie-vs-man hitbox was too large. It should have been smaller, like the lower leg area.
This would have made it friendlier and more 2.5d like. The way it is there much less room to work
with vertically than horizontally.

I ran out of bullets often. The zombies did not drop enough to make this less of a "running away"
game. Maybe if you're getting low on ammo the drop rate should increase. I don't know if you did
this, but it didn't seem like it.

Some sound effects for actions and environment would have helped the experience.

I crashed. At this point I decided not to continue trying to get to the teleporter. Sorry. Here
is the traceback:

Traceback (most recent call last): File
line 3, in desires.__main__.main() File
line 90, in main ctrl.loop() File
line 73, in loop self.render() File
line 64, in render self.scene.render(self.screen) File
line 266, in render self.render_objects() File
line 242, in render_objects o.render(self.ctrl.screen, File
line 102, in render if self.activated: AttributeError: 'Tv' object has no attribute

1 1 2

Not very fun and short.

3 3 2

I definitely like the art style, and the music works well. The story left me wanting more. Good
feel. I would recommend a few gameplay tweaks, like having the hit boxes seem a bit more
natural, making it clearer when you're taking damage, and speeding things up a bit. But I feel
like it wouldn't take much to make this a pretty fun game. Not bad!