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kind of stuck at the end - leaving esc to quit would be nice.

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The concept is good, but the physics are strange. I would suggest a waiting time after the last object hits the bar, since for example in the first two levels you can win by just throwing all objects at once since they are the same. Something I like is how each level has its theme. I think this game could've been more fun with better physics (maybe use a physics engine) and a few small adjustments. It's not bad, though.

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But where are the ducks?

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Fun sense of humour.

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Why is this game called "Chubby Chaser"? Your game didn't make the goals very clear - I
initially assumed I had to drop the babies so that they didn't touch the bats as they fell, but
that didn't seem to matter. I didn't really understand the way the physics worked, either -
sometimes the seesaw would spin around madly as something hit it. It would also be nice if there
were a way off the ending screen other than forcibly killing the program. Am voting DQ as you
appear to be using the pipe graphic from Super Mario Bros.

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Anyway it's a game!

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very simple and with some problems... the second fire extinguisher always change its position in the "seesaw"

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The README didn't mention anything about requirements. The resulting exception seemed to
suggest pyglet was required. Also, sometimes the objects didn't seem to be placed on the
platform where they hit it. As soon as they hit the platform, they were randomly moved to
another location, usually the right side.

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That was not a lot of fun, I'm afraid. :( I'm also marking you down on production because your README is terrible.

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this entry has so many bugs that it is hardly playable at all:

object would often shift to another (seeminly random) x location after touching the plank.

the plank seems to be much wider than the graphical representation suggests.

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3 2 3

The sounds suited the game, the physics however didn't feel at all natural, it seems you have interpreted the theme as wobbling == balancing. But your balancer didn't really wobble at all .

3 3 3 yes

Ran as `python`, it shows the menu then dies when I press enter: "Unable to load: pipe.png".

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Sorry. I don't like it. I want to see you in pyweek#11

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Physics are a little odd but otherwise the game is quite ok.

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Not much fun - the seesaw moves too slowly and I don't have much control once it starts tilting as I can't move anything once I've placed it.

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