PyWeek - Alison In Wonderland - feedback

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4 4 4

Solid idea, and a couple of nice puzzles.

The game is quite buggy - I often jumped outside of the level, and it was a pain to find a way to die or come back in those cases.

2 3 3

missing better instructions, no sound

3 4 3

was very hard for me to see the level geometry because of the light and shadow effects.

3 4 3

Interesting visuals. I found a couple things underground, and then couldn't find a way out. I wasn't quite sure what I was supposed to be doing or where I was supposed to be going. One too many death-by-spike ended it for me when I'm sure there was more to see. As far as production I really like what you have, and the text intro was delightfully amusing.

Maybe some tips or a introductory walk-through would have helped me pick up the flavor of the game so I would not get stuck early on, or give me somewhere to turn to get unstuck.

3 3 3

nice game ;)

3 5 3

ran a bit too fast on my pc, so it was hard to play. i really liked the lighting, though, very cool!

3 4 3

A bit of a learning curve would have been nice.

1 1 1 yes

segfault at launch

3 3 3

The lighting model in this game is incredibly painful. It's one thing to require precision
jumping, it's quite another to require precision jumping to avoid things you can't see until
it's too late. Also, please include a README with your game.

1 2 2

What did I ever do to you? Why would you throw your players into a dark pit full of spikes?

3 4 4

i liked the mutation

3 4 3

I'm not a big fan of games that restrict vision so perhaps others would have found this more fun. Felt the theme could have been worked in better (the game felt a little too generic). On the whole a solid little game though. Btw, My pyglet segfaulted when loading the messy_death.gif animation but I hacked pyglet to skip the null frame it was trying to load from the animation.

3 2 3

Well... I find those marks to be quite harsh, but your game is so buggy I honestly had a hard time playing it. However, the whole lighting thing, as well as the different "mutations" were interesting. I'm looking forward to a post-compo, fixed version!

3 3 4

dynamic lighting yeah!!

2 2 3

I wasn't sure what to do, I fall down a pit and there is nowhere to go.

3 3 3

It looks really cool, especially with the glowing-head effect, but the engine still seems kind of buggy. The game crashed a couple of times because of what I assume are room-wrapping bugs. I liked the maze design, but I'm not sure I always went to the next room that I was supposed to.

3 3 4

Rather tricky, and easy to get stuck. Without the youtube video to show me how it started, I wouldn't have worked it out.

2 2 3

I climb into a dark tunnel and get killed. Can't see what I'm supposed to do.

1 1 1 yes

GNU/Linux: GDKPixbuf-CRITICAL and segfault. Windows version error in decode animation.

3 3 4

Nice visual style. So many killer spikes! It crashed on me quite a few times.

3 4 3

A little bit frustating from time to time. Wasn't able to finish it, yet. I really like the
style. Big issue are the controls, a bunch of hard to remember keys are required to activate the
special abilities. Has timing issues on Windows 7, deactivating vsync helped.

2 3 4

didn't work until I patched pyglet with

Still got a couple of warnings though.
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I'm not sure if it was a bug or not but it looked very dark on my monitor, and I wasn't able to see where I was going very well, even with the glow head. I didn't like the spikes. I wasn't sure where to go at the start and just kept dying so I gave up quite quickly.

Very cool art style though, only problem was it made it hard to see where the edges of platforms were.

3 3 4

Nice lighting, but too much spikes...

3 4 4

Great Lighting Effects
Few bugs (wrap around, walking in walls), and crash after stoneskin
And pauses constantly when on a checkpoint