PyWeek - Army of Aerojockey - feedback

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2 2 1

not really in theme

4 2 1

it tooks time to know how skip level intro

2 3 1

An interesting game :) It was not too much fun to play with unfortunately, all I could do is go and mindlessly push the attack button (maybe with some regard to the attacker direction to use combos). This was a backdraw, but it's simplicity also gave the feeling of brutal mayhem, which was relaxing :)
The main caracter is nice, and character animation is cool.

In it's current state, not a really grat game, but by getting graphics elements in harmony, adding some special features , and making real levels could be one. I would enjoy bringing back the old times (the ninja series, samurai..) Keep working!

2 3 2

A simple game, which handles all the basics pretty well but would've needed more enemy or
attack types to stay attractive.

3 4 3

Nice game. It's a pain having to install pyopengl though.

1 2 2

the game did not run after i got all the libs.

2 3 2

The controls felt weird, but pretty fun overall. Creative interpretation of the theme. ;)

3 2 1

I thought the game was fun.

2 3 2

It was difficult to find any opportunity to build up steam. You could have either made "safe" areas to do this, or make steam deplete less quickly. I liked the idea that different combinations of keys with attacks caused different moves. It was probably tough to do in the pyweek contest timeframe, but more varied levels would have been welcome.

3 2 4

Graphics are quite nice, although the animation could do with some more frames! The control
system is a bit odd, and I found it difficult to control the play accurately. Ninjas who jump
over you seem almost impossible to stop.

1 3 1

the game is finished in a week, but it doesn't have anything fresh in it

2 4 3

Looks really good. Figures are nicely animated. However, I can't seem to complete the first level - there's nothing at the end of the game. It doesn't seem to be possible to win, which detracts from the fun.

3 3 2

Neat, but hard to play. The steam buildup doesn't really work with the gameplay.

3 2 3

Good play on words with the theme. Would be more fun if the dynamics were played with a bit.

1 1 1

not fun

3 4 3

It's ok for a platform game. Contains everything needed. I hate jumping ninjas :)

1 2 1

Building up or blowing off?

3 3 2

I think that with a little more time for polishing, this game could have been quite good.

3 3 3

nice terrain

3 4 2

2 2 2

This game is unfortunately not very fun to play. The controls don't feel very good and the
gameplay gets boring quickly when you're only killing one kind of enemies. The graphics are ok
apart from the animations, which could had used some more frames I guess. The theme wasn't
incorporated very well in the game.

3 2 1

A fairly loose interpretation of the theme :) Kinda fun running around and hacking away. I
didn't get very far to the right though before being overwhelmed. I found it difficult to fend
off some of the ninjas, especially the ones coming in from high (even with the up attack).

2 3 3

Nice graphics. Loved the side scroller aspect. I couldn't really get into the game though and the lack of audio made an impact.

3 3 2

The biggest problem with this game is that running around, killing ninjas needs a little "more" to be a good game. Some sugestions:

Expansion of the level concept; kill 20 ninjas, go to next level? Change to created at runtime, run-time, random levels?

Expansion of the fighting concept; ultra-ninjas (more powerful enemies)? More options in sword-swings?