PyWeek - Awesome Block Game 7 - feedback

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Impressive design.

3 4 4

I was skeptical of the 'can only move the feather while it's in the grey bar' mechanic at first, but it works well with the other game elements. I wish restoring from a checkpoint restored the direction of gravity when you tagged the checkpoint, though; in the final area just before the end I kept losing progress because I'd make the down-and-back journey, die just after touching the gravity ball and then end up having to go down and back again.

Despite playing the version with "fixed ending", I couldn't work out what to do after I got to the bird, so I just quit. Also, the messages on the right didn't always seem to match up with what was going on on the screen. Other than that, though, pretty polished!

4 3 4

nice game

4 3 4

Love it. So hard!

4 4 4

at first this seemed like a really simplistic game, but i ended up playing it for some time. the levels progressed nicely (if frustrating at times) and i liked the minimal aesthetic. good job!

5 4 4

Once I figured out that I needed to find and install avbin, the game worked perfectly.

Very polished, challenging without being (too) frustrating. I didn't take the time to play to the end, but I'm sure I shall once I have more time to enjoy the game.

4 4 3

Very cool and a unique control scheme. Unfortunately, after the third checkpoint I was hopelessly stuck.

2 2 3

Had to patch it for AVbin issues - converted mp3s to wavs.
Found that having to keep the feather in the exact band was a bit tricky but not very rewarding...

4 3 5

I already offered comments in the IRC channel, so I'm gonna slack here.

5 5 5

Elegant in its simplicity!

3 2 4

kinda blah, but technically sound and smart.

4 5 4

Excellent work! Just the right amount of challenge, cool music.

2 2 4

later level's are getting quite un-fun, especially as thee are some parts were pure luck decides if the blocks stand at the right place to get through - nice idea though! (oh, and I had a constant "tack-tack-tack-tack-tack" additionally to the backgound music, which was quite annoying after a while... *?*)

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I found the game too hard to be fun.<br>
After inverting the left right bindings, things gone a little better.<br>
But, anyway, is frustrating.<br>
Maybe more distance between left and right walls ? ( without growing the teeth s)
Maybe some braking on the feather while it approach the walls ?

5 3 3

This game depends on pyglet but its not mentioned in the README. Except for this minor quirk, this game was very fun. The level design was good and everything fitted well together. I also liked the narrator.

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Enjoyed it, thank you!

5 5 5

a truly addictive game - recalls a bit Sega's Penguin Land and Activision's H.E.R.O. - minimalist on graphics is a goal set! just great!

4 3 4

Quite fun, yet rather tricky puzzle game.

4 3 4

pretty neat idea, simple yet compelling game.
hmm your Readme.txt says just python is a dependency.. you need pyglet too :)

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Great stuff.

3 3 4

Really hard in places, but otherwise another great block game!

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Well done!

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The readme says the dependencies are just python? :) I like the game idea.

5 3 5

Simple as it is, I found it a very high quality game, and a good use of the theme! This is something I imagine people would play on mobile gaming devices (with a few more levels and whatnot). The music is a nice fit, but it's not own work, so I do not count it.

3 1 2

Quite fun but horrible music ;)

2 2 3


Just python

Well that wasn't true.

The game was ok. Would have been nicer with a higher pacing and another game mechanic or two. Loved the music.

3 3 3 yes

Go this msg after a couple of arrows in the buffalo: AttributeError: class Game has no
attribute 'buffalo_bar'

4 3 4

Said only python was required - needed pyglet.
Wow, despite appearances (Awesome Block Game?) it was just that, an awesome game involving blocks. Solid level design and good use of just a few elements made this game interesting and challenging till the end.

2 2 3

The controls are rather unintuitive. The up arrow moves things downwards and the down arrow moves them upwards.

1 1 1 yes

Sweet, another quality block game. Good use of shading and tricky mechanics and such.

4 2 4

Fun to play!

2 2 2

pretty simple and generic game

3 3 3

After having some trouble determining the dependencies the hard way, it turned out to be an interesting little game. The feather steering is tricky enough to be absorbing. I sometimes found the sudden loss of control that results from the feather exiting the grey bar to be a little frustrating.

4 3 4

Brilliant. A great, tense, exciting minimalist joy. Just what I hoped pyweek might be all about, and I hope I have the wherewithall to try something like this on my next (2nd) pyweek. Thank-you!

4 4 4

3 4 4

Really like this game idea but I'm not very good at it and got stuck after a while :(

3 2 3

Was fun for awhile, but the level seemed almost too long and I quickly got bored after it became very difficult. The mechanic is kind of creative and I liked the tutorial system in the game which was funny and helpful.