PyWeek - The Awesome Block Game - feedback

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4 2 4


2 1 1

Well, on the good side it had really few dependacies.

4 4 4

I couldn't put his game anywhere. Its pureness and correct style made me enjoy playing it very much. However, the stages were confusing sometimes..

Good game!

3 3 3

The game is fun, though the level design might be improved. It also seems to teleport quite
weirdly between levels when one dies. The graphical style is good and has a distinct feel, but
lacks detail.

4 2 2

fun game

3 2 2

A very playable game. The controls felt responsive, and the pygame.draw generated graphics did their job.

2 2 3

I like the physics of the game, and the use of the steam meter. Definitely would have been nice to have some of the missing stuff you mention in the readme.

4 1 3

more fun than what i expected :)

4 3 4

Fun, neat concept.
Unfortunetly, half the time I was just flying around with no idea what I was doing.
Eventually, I figured out the point of the game was to find the fadedy exit thingie. While fending off evil blob type things with black steam. I think.

4 2 3

Who would have thought that a flying bock could be this fun?

3 2 4

Needs a bit more work, but has a lot of potential!

3 1 2

A very basic game, has slightly odd controls as there is no inertia. Could do with some kind of progress indicator or scoring system.

3 2 3

Neat, but the gameplay needs some work.

2 1 2

Game didn't work too well for me. It wasn't obvious what the various geometric shapes were, I didn't know how to find fuel, etc.

It was also kind of buggy.

4 1 3

Not bad, and very fun to control... just too sparse and lacking to be considered an actual game IMHO.

4 1 5

Great idea, incredible physics.

3 2 3

nice game play would have been beter if there were sounds.

2 1 2

The first few levels were far too easy, you need to cut some of them. They started getting interesting near the end, but just as i was getting the hang of it, they started repeating.

Took a look at the code and noticed a lot of repeated [],[],[], etc. Consider a factory function. It might have saved you some time.

The steam effect was nice and smooth. Jumping/lifting and sliding physics felt nice.

3 2 3

You fly a block around in this game. The graphical style doesn't bother me too much, but I failed
to see the goal in the game apart from trying to destroy the big blob in the fourth level, but that
was tedious to do because the blob keeps running away when you attack it. There are five levels
or something like that, and it seems like they loop at some point. Perhaps this could be a fun
game with some more interesting level designs, but at its present state it's not very much fun,
although it is kind of neat to fly the block around. I found that you can fly pretty far if you
never move in more than one direction at a time. You can fly by alternating between the
direction and up, otherwise the steam runs out very fast.

4 2 5

Good work. Although the author acknowledges that there aren't many levels, the game appears to be quite complex. It is not an easy game but it is intuitive and fun. Extra points for innovation, as I've never played a platform game quite like this one. It's surreal and abstract and I really like that.

<p> My only criticism is that the game could do to establish some sort of context to help the player get started. In-game instructions of some sort would be useful (not necessarily written). A title screen and scoreboard would also make the game look more polished.

4 3 3

Very fun game :)

With more time spent on levels I reckon it'd be even better.


2 2 3

A nice idea, but it does get quite dull rather quickly, and can be a little frustrating.

3 2 3

pretty fun - not bad for no graphic files, etc :)

3 2 3

Wacky stuff. Fun to zoom around, though it's a little unclear exactly what's going on...
triangles around, big ones and little ones. Dunno what they do. Saw a couple of bonus squares. I
think some clearer indications of what happened during some of the game transitions would've
been good. "Level Up" or "You Died" or "Back a level" (some of the things I *think* happened to
me) would've increased the enjoyment a lot. Also, steam rises, which would've been nice to

2 1 3

Very simple and neat. Controls are easy to get, but it doesn't grab me in any way.

4 1 2

very small game

4 2 3

This was a fun little game, but I couldn't justify any higher marks for production, sorry!

4 4 4

Interesting game. What I would suggest:

Tightening up of physics:
1. In physics, moving platforms should carry the player with them when it (he, she, the player?) is resting on top. Currently, the platform pushes the player off.
2. Bugfix; upper-left and upper-right corners don't work quite right.
3. Black steam wierdness; if I'm on a platform, and hold down+x, all enemies on-screen eventually die. I think this is caused by a "death-of-a-thousand-cuts" situation. If so, you may want to drop the damage to 0 after a certain distance.

I got a traceback:
UnboundLocalError: local variable 'worldly' referenced before assignment
when hitting the levelexit to the left on (what I think is) the final level. (The one with 2 exits) I'm pretty sure this is an out-of-levels problem, but a traceback shouldn't happen there.

Basically, you need more levels, and you need good levels. This is the biggest problem with the game. Thankfully, creating levels is simple, due to the lack of graphics. I suggest creating a gui level editor, to make this as simple as possible. Get a dozen or so interesting, fairly lengthy levels, and you have a very good game.
It would also help to have indications of the edges of levels. Just as a suggestion, perhaps a background fadeout? (blue to black?)
Finally, having the exit fade out completely is not the best idea. From one colour to another colour/shade is better.

Anyway, looking foward to the next version...