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4 4 3

Good Job!

2 5 3

I feel like it got boring kind of fast. Usually in games, as you advance the action speeds up rather than slows down. I did like the wibbly-wobbly backgrounds. That was a nice touch.

3 3 3

The mechanic is quite simple, but I thought it was clever to use optical illusions to fulfill the theme better. The problem about that was that the game makes me feel a bit dizzy. And the game doesn't seem to have much of a goal, so I ended up stopping in the middle of the game (otherwise I'd fight my dizziness to get to the end...). Other than this problem, I think it was a fun little avoidance game, something to play once, only because I wouldn't want to go through the dizziness again.

2 4 2

The goggles do nothing!

4 3 4

lovely snake game.

3 3 3


2 2 3

Aside from the trippy backgrounds being awesome, I'd have liked to have a health bar to know how dead I was.

4 4 4

Very nice game. The lasers were a bit too hard to see against the background.

1 4 1

presentation is good, no doubt about that - but it plays like snake with the fun part taken out.

2 2 2

The only entry that has literally left a bad taste in my mouth. It is not very wibbly-wobbly and
does not make the copyright status of the music and art clear. I'll give the benefit of doubt and
not check "disqualify" as it's a fairly large team and if they had stolen stuff I suppose they
would have stolen stuff that's more wibbly-wobbly.

2 3 3

The optical illusion backgrounds are great, especially because you're defocused from them
trying to avoid the things; the optical illusion is even more effective. The gameplay didn't
really grab me though.

2 3 4

Cool grapihcs, not very fun, hard to see lasers.

3 3 4

Fun game, great images in some parts although your main background really made things difficult to enjoy .

4 3 4

very addictive game.. couldn't stop playing till i died..
the wobble effect in the backgrounds was really nice..

3 2 3 yes

Crashed my computer. Lost work. Had to fsck for an hour. Sad panda.

3 2 2

Nice intro. For some reason the game slows down after a few wobbles.

3 3 4

Game mechanics are a little too simple and the red thingys are hard to see. Cool backgrounds! Would be cool in fullscreen mode. @.@

3 4 4

Those backgrounds were distracting, felt all trippy.

4 4 3

I feel sick now. Fun game.

2 3 3

awesome trippy design idea, not fully exploited though

2 3 4

A very nice idea, the backgrounds are quite irritating XD - Sadly the game went slower and
slower the more points I got, and at 23 points it started to be quite crippled - also it closed
with a crash after the highscore:

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "_ctypes/callbacks.c", line 295, in 'calling callback function'

File "pyglet\window\win32\__init__.pyo", line 849, in _wnd_proc

File "pyglet\window\win32\__init__.pyo", line 1130, in _event_syscommand

File "pyglet\app\win32.pyo", line 79, in _idle_chance

AttributeError: 'Win32EventLoop' object has no attribute '_next_idle_time'

Exe version