PyWeek - Young Game Developers - feedback

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4 4 4

This idea is excellent and the game is well executed, the wind feels nice. I enjoyed this game, it was fun. Though I think having a goal would have been more satisfying. The graphics are good, too. Good job on this game.

3 5 4

The overall quality was excellent and I loved the physics, but the gameplay was a bit one sided.
Add more challenges and this could become great! Maybe a battle mode?

3 4 4

The player has too little efective control, it is frustating.

2 3 4

Nice idea with the wind blowing leaves around, however, I couldn't figure out how I got rid of leaves and avoid hitting the limit, though I suspect I wasn't supposed to. Also, the clustering for the piles was occasionally wrong - would miss leaves that are clearly in the pile. The main issue was that the wind control was quite sluggish, which made any kind of precision tricky.

2 3 3

Nice choice for the soundtrack.

3 3 4

This is a great idea! Really liked the way the physics worked.

Don't think it has a very long lifespan though; can't imagine me playing this game again any time soon.

2 3 4

Nice use of a 2D gradient! You should develop the idea :)

2 4 4

One crash due to File descriptor in bad state. Beautiful gfx. Novel interpretation and gameplay.

2 3 4

Idea was good bu gameplay was kind of slow and didn't keep me interested

2 2 3

Nice idea, but controls sometimes are irritating.

2 3 4

Unusual. Nice relaxed style of gameplay, but not as fun as it should be, since it's frustratingly hard to survive for very long while also attempting to score points.

3 4 4

Very fun and relaxing, but challenging.

3 4 4

Sadly no sound, but the rest is great.

4 3 4

Very 'zen' game! It's fun once you get it, I like the use of a simple system for emergent gameplay. The leaves could be more visible though and the skellington format wasn't followed for the game but minor quibble.

3 5 5

Wow, very interesting concept and excellent production. Great use of theme. I had a lot of
trouble scoring points, though. I think it's too hard or I didn't quite get the mechanics.

2 3 2

You do not say if the music is your own work or not, so I assumed it is. Nice playing then! The game is not all that it could be yet. Have you tried changing it so that the wind only affects the leaves if the mouse button is held pressed?

3 4 4

Nice game mechanic, although I found it a bit too difficult and a bit boring, sorry :(

2 3 4

3 3 3

Nice and relaxing - i like how i still get points afer game over :)

3 3 4

Music would be excellent.