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Very good for a first entry. Some problems: The pause for when the enemy got a feather was annoying. Sometime s a feather would spawn right by him. I couldn't move just by holding down the movement keys; I'd hold left, then right and release left. This would cause me to stop. Also, the strategy eventually devolves into just running ahead of the bad guy instead of really looking since he just makes a beeline.

However, please don't get discouraged.

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The feathers were hard to see, and then there were clouds as well making it even harder. The only thing by which you could find the feathers with was the direction of the dude..

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Nice mood settings with graphics and sound, although game elements are too small.
Confusing gameplay.

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A bit too simple to be much fun. The only way I can notice where the feather is is by looking at where the enemy is going, and then its mostly just down to chance which one of us gets there first

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Nice sounds. The idea is pretty interesting, but there are minor issues that make the game pretty hard. First, I can't see the feather on my display. That makes the game really hard, as I have to look at the human's movement to catch the feathers. I think that feather and competitors are simply too small. The bird could also move in 45-degrees directions, like the human. Don't like the fact that the game is freezing when feather is caught. Game has nice sounds and graphics.

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You failed to mention that this game was made using python 2.6 in your readme. I mention this because the game doesn't run in python 2.5 due to a 'bad magic number' error related to your inclusion of a .pyc file (without the corresponding source.) I managed to get this up and running using windows - a few comments:
* The controls for the bird seemed clunky, I would have liked to move on a diagonal.
* I could barely see the feather most times, and resorted to the tactic of following the other thing.
* Your artwork looked pretty good in some places, but very rushed in others.
* I liked the printing of the 'tuple' of time and it's value to the screen.

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Hm, it was really difficult to see anything. Either because feathers were so small and didn't stood out whatsoever from the background and because of the clouds.

Other problem was in the movement. It's not good when the game doesn't responds well to player inputs. I just kept pressing the "h" key but not happened whatsoever, it was really weird.

A tip is to, instead of using just one variable to store the key, using a dictionary to keep track of which keys are held and which aren't. Something like:

player_controls = dict(
up=False, # player is pressing up key
left=False, # player is pressing left key
right=False, # player is pressing right key
down=False # player is pressing down key

And in the main loop you'd update the dictionary values and then update the player position with base in it. Like:

if player_controls['left']:
player.x -= 10
if player_controls['right']:
player.x += 10
if player_controls['up']:
player.y -= 10
if player_controls['down']:
player.y += 10

And you should really use comments instead of docstrings where comments applies .-. Docstrings should be used only to documentate variables, functions, classes or modules, not to comment some part of the code .-.

Anyways, it was sorta fun to play but would be far better if the controls responded better ^^

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The control scheme really needs work: you should not stop moving in a direction just because you've pressed another key.

Also, consider using colourblind-friendly colours for the feathers.

Lastly, don't interrupt the action when a feather is found -- pop up a display in a corner or something.

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Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 11, in <module>
from lib import load_sprites
ImportError: Bad magic number in /path/games/pyweek9/catch_those_feathers/lib/load_sprites.pyc

What is this file?? It is the only file without source.

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A missing file meant Python 2.6 was required in order to use the .pyc that was present. This will probably result in a bunch of DNW ratings. As it is, I had to install a new version of Python and pygame to run it.

The controls leave a lot to be desired. Only letting the player move laterally while the enemy can move diagonally more than offsets the player's small speed advantage, especially when changing direction often stops the player dead in his tracks.

Making the game hard by making the things you're racing toward nearly invisible makes it frustrating rather than challenging. Added to the movement issues noted above, this renders it almost unplayable, in my opinion.

None of these issues are insurmountable, however. Some additional work could probably make this game reasonably fun.

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... good entry for a first timer :)

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man, the feather are not visible at all!

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Oh, it's like Snake. I've played this game before. The clouds are a nice touch, good idea. Those
feathers are impossible to see. When the helper bird wasn't there, I would find them by looking
at where the human was running. Just so you know, it's "rare bird", not "seldom bird", but I
think seldom bird sounds cooler. :)

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Cannot. See. The. Feather...

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$ python ./
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "./", line 11, in <module>
from lib import load_sprites
ImportError: Bad magic number in .../Yangea/catch_those_feathers/lib/load_sprites.pyc
$ ls lib/*load*

Why is missing?

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very good for a first time(better than we did)

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The keys were particularly sticky feeling (not being able to do across plus up or down) and the feather was really hard to see!
Great idea, just needs a little more polish.

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I can't see any of these feathers I'm supposed to be collecting, and it keeps saying "Try again" every few seconds.

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Sorry, I just couldn't play it - the feathers were too hard to see!

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The menu looks (and sounds) really good, but the ingame graphics are rather ugly - even moreso because the menu looks so great! I think the bird should move faster than the human or should at least be able to "sprint" for a short time. Otherwise there's little point in running/flying towards a feather if the human is ahead of you. The game is very promising but still needs a few tweaks.

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Unresponsive arrow keys made the game a little annoying for me, but other than that it's a nice small simple game.

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It is nearly a game! (The worst is that all the sprites are practically invisible.)

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I were expecting much more from this game. Keep experimenting and researching the most games as you can, lots has to be done and improve. I hope being much more surprised at Pyweek10.