PyWeek - xinming - feedback

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2 3 3

This was a bit too hard because one hit kills you. Collision and controls are a bit wonky: most 2d
platformers have control mid-air, and that's for a good reason. It's hard to land on a
platform. On the other hand, I like the story and the narration, and the animations are pretty
cool. Nice work! :)

4 4 4

This is a nice idea, and the game looks good. I would suggest tweaking the balance to make the
game less deadly.

3 3 4

Obviously the collisions needed some more work. The screen transitions were great.

3 3 3

Tough levels, good story.

3 4 3

Well, not sure where I should see the theme. This game would have been imposible for me to beat
with only 3 live and the time limit (I used like 50 live and a long time to beat it). When you loose
you should clear the events and wait until the transition is done, otherwise one is already
steering the player before one can see it.

3 4 3

Lovely graphics. Note: I'm not sure how this is related to the theme.

1 4 2

Cute: I liked the music and graphics, cute story and I liked the spoken dialogue, but the
platformer elements were quite buggy: I’d often fall through the floor randomly, jumps were
inconsistent … this makes the game so super hard that it's basically unplayable, can’t
reliably get past the first few platforms.

3 4 5

This is a really well implemented game. The graphics, music, and sound effects are working
well together and overall gameplay concept is very interesting. Unfortunately I found the
jumping mechanic needs a bit more work as it is a bit too unpredictable and gets in the way of
having fun. You seem to have some ability to change direction in the air but it varies which
means that I died a lot because I couldn't (or sometimes could!) change where I was going. It is
very close, it just needs a few tweaks. Great job overall.

3 4 3

Not a bad basic platformer game. Very short, but not bad.

3 3 4

Not bad. A good number of mechanics for such a short game. I like the story, even though there are
a lot of mistakes in the text. Even though I enjoyed it, it could have been more fun if it wasn't so
brutally hard. There are a lot of ways this could be done, especially giving the player better
control over their jumps. I know that's much harder than it seems to get right, but that's a big
part of making a platformer.

3 4 4

Very nice.

2 4 3

Looks nice and plays smoothly, but far too hard to be fun, sorry.

3 3 3

Nice game I love It.. But there are many bugs that need to be fixed for higher rating!!!