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2 2 2

nothing interesting, hardly playable

2 2 2

The game was fun but seemed a little too thin.

1 2 2

You might be able to achieve more in a limited time if you use a pre-existing physics library.

1 1 3

It's not the worst game I've ever played, but it could definitely use more polish. Include a readme with instructions. If the menu says click here to start, it should start when you click on it. I couldn't figure out how to get past the last vertical level: the spikes coming down eventually hit me even when I never landed on any platforms. I eventually exploited the bug to get past it. Whether the blob landed on a platform or passed through it seemed to be completely random. The controls seemed unresponsive and slow. I would say, next time, leave more time at the end for polish!

1 1 1 yes yes

couldn't extract the rar file (which is against the rules, anyway!)

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Despite the tastefully chosen theme it does not work as a game. Even if I don't move and try to float through the game in debug mode the top spikes catch up with me on the second screen.

1 2 3

The production and fun values were really quite low sorry. The controls were really a challenge to use, I kept hitting every spike, but some spikes didn't hurt? The rar format was a pain on linux, Nice story line, you get points for innovation :)

3 2 2

I liked the background graphics, has a "shit I need from landscapes" feel to it.

2 2 3

I liked the story telling.. part of it..
the file structure could have been better..

1 2 2

The story was actually better than the game.

1 1 1


1 3 1 yes

File "C:\Python26\lib\", line 522, in __bootstrap_inner File
"C:\Python26\lib\", line 477, in run self.__target(*self.__args,
**self.__kwargs) File "C:\Users\MICHELE\Downloads\Pyweek1\", line 630, in
Move if World.CoordDic[(self.x+side*6,self.y)][2] or
World.CoordDic[(self.x+50+side*6,self.y)][2] or
World.CoordDic[(self.x+100+side*6,self.y)][2]: KeyError: (604, 492) It returns this
when I get near to the borders,it doesn't crash but it's unplayable. But I can still see there
some good stuff in it.

1 3 2

Spikes descend on me faster than I can get away from them. There doesn't seem to be anything I can do to escape.

1 2 1

it's kinda hylarious but pretty unplayable

2 2 2

Please don't just dump all of your game files into one folder. Use the <a href="">skellington</a> or at least put all your graphics and music into a data/ subfolder. The game itself has a nice intro, while gameplay itself seems a little buggy. I think sometimes I fell through the spikes without dying and I generally didn't understand what was going on. ;)

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I think I did not get what was the goal of this game? When I land on a platform the spikes from above get me instantly, when I reach the end below I start again above.... <br><br>also, please use the skellington next time and provide a proper ReadMe.txt with instructions.