PyWeek - Wild Text - feedback

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3 3 4

I realised I don't understand how to win this game. I got so it was saying this:

H:33 3:(l: c d e g ) < 0 < (r: a b ) (n: f ) P:0 T:114

and I thought I should have won, since the left and right sides were balanced, but nothing happened.

Although the text interface looked confusing, it was actually quite easy to understand. I do wonder what the game would be like if one could move the blocks with the mouse, though.

3 1 3

Only problem with text games in pyweek is that it gets 1 on production because it don't have graphics or sound and music.

1 1 2

Since you don't have graphics or sound, for your production score it's very important to have your program run bug-free. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case. If I understand how the program *should* have run, the puzzles don't seem that hard or interesting. I don't know, I like your other games more. It just doesn't feel like a milker game unless there's flashing, hand-drawn, primary-color squiggles appearing and disappearing at random places on the screen while square-wave sirens beep at me.

1 1 3

To complicated to play.. Guess Im not hard-core enough to learn how to play :(

3 2 4

Interesting idea. it reminds me of the game "mastermind" a bit. I think as a standalone game it's not that fun - I didn't feel like I wanted to keep playing after I worked it out - but it would work well as part of a larger puzzle/adventure game

2 2 4

I like the idea and the way you happened to create a simple, text-based game. It's quite innovative for this competition, but the whole game is hard to understand at first and may be a bit frustrating.

2 3 4

A game without graphics is not a game. Just kidding good job mate, you worked hard and were very innovative.

2 1 3

Wish I could invert the order of the command (e.g., ab:L, cd:R) and make the capital letters LNR special.
Wish there was more gameplay.
Too easy for now (won on the first try with 3 on left) and too much guesswork (move something from left to right, check different, repeat). There needs to be a greater penalty for taking measurements.
Would be an interesting game to further develop/add ideas to.

4 2 3

Interesting departure from the more usual pygame style.

The text interface took a little bit of getting used to, but was quite usable once I'd played a couple of games.

The time limit was a nice touch. It's long enough to finish the game if you figure out some of the weights early on, but too short to shuffle them around and keep track on paper to get all the weights solved.

2 1 3

Nice, it occurred to me to make an ASCII game too! It is an interesting puzzle, but not too captivating or rewarding in its current form.

3 2 3

Interesting idea, although the connection to the theme was rather slim.

Considering the move limit, the additional timer limit seems overkill.

1 1 1


2 2 2

Small text game. Interface and intent of the game was somewhat hard to decipher.

3 2 3

A quite unusual game, as usual. I understand how it works but I'm too dumb to win. ;-)

3 4 5

Curious terminal game, even considering can be not that hugelly addictive. The visual prdution is wise, since there are no bad graphics to rate it down...