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Did not work due to dependencies (panda3d).

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The graphics are very nice. The camera and ship controls make sense (given space physics) and
work okay but get pretty frustrating after a few minutes. It isn't always clear which way
you're supposed to go and the there's no included documentation (just what's on the website).
Overall a beautiful-looking game, but the single course makes for a shallow experience.

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Wow, fantastic visuals! I didn't really see the point of Panda3D until now. This looks great.
All the effects are top notch. Great job on the music/sound effects too, very professional.
The weak point is the gameplay. It's just a race through a tunnel, with terrible controls, and a
limited supply of fuel. Not much fun in that :).

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Interesting idea. It would be cool to play with 'true space movement' (ie, true vector thrust
and no slowing down when you thrust in a different direction).

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Not able to drive this

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I tried the linux_amd64 but, after installing all the panda stuff it just opened a window and
closed. I tried installing Panda3D myself from source, but I gave up.

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Please always mark your source uploads as final - I came very close to disqualifying this entry
because I couldn't easily find the source code.

After installing all the requirements and jumping through a bunch of hoops, I got what was
effectively a slideshow of moderately pretty images that was perhaps by the keys I pressed,
although it wasn't clear if that was the case. Whatever gameplay there is here was completely
swamped by the game being impossibly slow even on a quite modern machine.

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Very pretty, but almost entirely unplayable in its current form. The first major issue is the
complete disconnect between camera viewpoint and ship direction. I couldn't make any
progress at all until I discovered the (undocumented) "camera" keybinding. After that I was
able to at least see where my ship was pointing. Another problem is that ship control uses
absolute coordinates instead of relative ones. This is easy to fix, though: just use
"self.ship.setH(self.ship, 140 * time)" instead of "self.ship.setH(self.ship.getH() +
140 * time)" and you'll be rotating the ship within its own frame of reference. (A similar
change for the camera make viewpoint rotation much easier to work with as well.) Finally, it's
a good idea to mark your source download as "final" so people can find it more easily.

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Couldn't get it to run on linux. I tried the x64 binary and it installed panda3d for a while and
then exited :express: /home/mat/pyweek17/linux_amd64/2dmoon is not a Multifile.
:downloader: [0x202e0f0] begin GET [ ] :AppRunner: Total Panda3D disk
space used: 174 MB :AppRunner: Configured max usage is: 2048 MB DirectStart: Starting the
game. :display: loading display module: Known pipe types: glxGraphicsPipe
(1 aux display modules not yet loaded.) :ShowBase: Default graphics pipe is glxGraphicsPipe
(OpenGL). :display: Created output of type glxGraphicsWindow :display: Unable to set
window properties: !undecorated fixed_size :ShowBase: Successfully opened window of type
glxGraphicsWindow (OpenGL)

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A very nice game. I was playing on OSX on a Mac Mini and the game and framerate were very smooth. I
liked the overall idea of the game. The control of the ship was nice and I especially liked the
way you represented the "course" with the green arrows. Also the way you showed the current
velocity of the ship was very useful - that can be quite confusing in 3d and so this worked well.
Very nice job!

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Very good graphic and music but not so fun, why the camera continue to move when the mouse is
stopped? this is very annoying. In my opinion was better if the ship had some inertia and not the
camera, if you did this the game could be not annoying. I was anchored in the space trying to
understand in which way i turn the ship near the asteroid, the view was not clear and i tryed to
adjust the camera without success and only wasted my time.

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Didn't work on Linux 32-bit. Opens a window and hangs :(

2 4 2

I admire your decision to make it 3d, though it was not much fun. Also the 'out of course' voice
drove me crazy and made me quit :D But nice game, would just need some more work to become

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Could only run with no audio, but the graphics were nice.

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Wow! That is utterly amazing!