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The chicken looked really tasty. Except for that, the 'game' didn't have much going for it..

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I really didn't understand what is it about... No help from Thou

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Not much of a game here.

No win condition or lose condition. At first, I didn't notice the subtle green smoke. When I did, I couldn't seem to affect it much.

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walmart/roasted/game/", line 23, in _collect_sprites
for image in _functools.reduce(lambda x, y: x + y,
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'reduce'

Presumably requires python 2.6

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I found the secret passageway to level 32, but I'm stuck at the part where the chicken elder is
asking me for a rope. I've talked to everybody in each of the seven villages and completed the
jungle side quest, but I haven't seen any rope. EDIT: nvm I finally finished decoding the
manuscripts in the Sunken Library, and I understand now that rope is the ancient Cluckspeak
metaphor for Time Strands. Anyway, after reuniting the chicken clans and falling through the
Time Vortex, I'm currently stuck in the campaign at the Dawn of Time. No matter which of the five
rival warlords I help win, it causes a temporal paradox!

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Author says its incomplete.
No instructions.
Weird directory structure.
Had to fix a "_functool.reduce" bug.

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Nice fire graphics but no real game play.

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Well - not a game.

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Almost a game!

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What is Lepton? How can we install Lepton on Ubuntu Linux? 'sudo easy_install lepton' is not

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Feather position seems to make no difference at all?

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Terrible. Completely lacking gameplay. Twitching the mouse about seemed to have little or no effect.

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I guess I was supposed to keep the chicken cool?

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Alright, you know that your game is incomplete.. Idea seems nice, though.

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What an odd idea :)

I found it frustrating though that I'd swipe the mouse to move the feather and end up outside the window and lose control. Consider grabbing the mouse or making the window taller?