PyWeek - Viennesians - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
3 3 2

Liked the sound of the pearls. A little annoying that sometimes there is no way past a row of

3 4 3

Nice graphics. Just sounds without music is a little bit bizarre. Known gameplay

5 4 4

I like it! Also a poignant story.

4 4 4

Wow. This is one of the best games in the competition. An interesting game. Very much.

2 3 2

Cute graphics and story, but not very innovative.

4 4 2

The game looks fantastic and the programming is well done as well (everything moves fluidly,
etc). The sound effects are not bad (giving different pitch to pearls in different tracks is
great) but it would be even better with music. The story is fun, especially the ending :).

4 4 3

Extremelly good graphics and production! I spent quite a long time playing which is good :-)

3 3 2

Speed seems to depend on platform, on some platforms it's too fast to be played.

3 4 2

It's really charming, but a little too easy. It would've been nice if the pace picked up a little
over time. Also it was a little difficult to judge distances and jumps.

2 4 2

Liked the story and the sounds, but not able to win level 2 due to some obstacles in a line... how
can you do that part?

2 4 1

Cute! A bit too hard though. I don't like having limited lives.

3 3 2

After some initial frustration, I dove into the source to discover that the space bar would let
me jump.

4 5 3

very good game, the graphic is cool, however the game needs a music

4 5 4

Sometimes I get killed and I don't know why. Lovely game, congratulations. The art is

2 3 2

Very nice art. The 3D was weird, making it difficult to avoid the corals while collecting the