PyWeek - Verdant Product - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
3 4 3

Fishing games aren't for me, very relaxing

2 4 3

Game play very slow for my taste, but I still liked the setting.

2 3 3

Had to edit the screen size to make it work.

3 2 3

Haha, nice game! I had to buy a 1920x1080 display to get it running, but it was totally worth it.

2 3 3

Nice concept, but the game is a bit boring

3 2 4

Resolution was too big, not everyone has such a big screen, especially on laptops. Couldn't
read many of the texts and tables after reducing the resolution.

Very relaxing game idea :). Interesting idea to base the fish you can get on the beer you
consume, even though I could hardly detect any changes.

3 3 4

Fishing games always remind me of the fishing pond in Ocarina of Time... Except here there are

4 3 3

This game was funny. I don't really understand the connection between drinking and getting
better fish, but it definitely is a game :)

3 4 5

Really nice game design. The idea of catching different fish by drinking different beers and
making sure your BAC stays high is quite interesting. There needs to be more feedback during
the game though or at least a tutorial as it isn't clear to begin with when you are doing the right
or wrong thing. Nice implementation on the fishing line!

2 4 4

Funny game, love the concept. Have to say that I thought it was not particularly fun (I don't
really care for fishing), but it was amusing (love the drunken stupor) and I can see how you
could get into it if you like fishing with all the complexity of the different drinks etc.

2 3 4

I did not fully understand the goal of this game but I got two fishes!

3 4 4

Nice graphics. Funny flavor text with the beers. I think there was a bug when it told me I was
above the limit for one fish but I hadn't caught more than 1 of anything. The action could be a
little more fast paced.

3 4 4

Was fun when I found out I could get into a drunken stupor (I laughed). Not so fun when I was stuck
in it for the rest of the game and just had to watch my drunken idiot forget how to reel in a fish.

3 3 3

Had to resize the screen in in order to avoid the error I was getting for not having a
big enough screen (and to get the game to work). I think I'm missing some information due to the
bottom of the game being cut off on my screen. Also, some time into the game, I started hearing a
weird buzzing sound in the audio. In the end I'm not sure how I ranked in the tournament, but I
imagine I did not do too well, haha! I enjoyed getting the fisherman drunk and trying to catch
that huge fish.