PyWeek - Donut Hunter - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
2 3 2

Game is kind of fun. Effects are interesting

3 3 3

had some fun playing it. I love uncomplicated games. Amazing sound effects :-)

3 4 2

little senseless game...

3 2 1 yes

This was a find-and-replace of FlapPyBird. The different look and the sound effects were very
amusing though.

3 3 2

Flappy hot dog... ;-)

2 3 2

Munch munch.

3 2 3

My high is 6. I think my average is about 2, maybe 1. :) I could not master flappy doughnut! The
hole affects the aerodynamics, I'm sure. Flappy hotdog is the most flight worthy of them all.

3 2 2

Not very original. But I see efforts here. Could've gotten a better music and stuffs, anyways.
Nice work on pyweek 25!

2 4 2

Gross. Even if it wasn't a flappy-bird clone, still couldn't play with those gross sounds.

3 3 1 yes

Pretty much just a flappy bird clone, and I’m not sure how it fits the theme exactly, but the
graphics look kind of nice :) Edit: also had to click disqualify, based on similarity to
FlapPyBird ( sorry ... your own contribution needs to be a
bit more substantial, and you need to reference/credit this existing code.

1 1 1 yes

The entry violates rule 2. Entries are to be written "from scratch" The code looks similar to It is not a library that
can be used. It is not a documentation that can be copy-pasted. Look like the entry violates The
MIT License from but I'm unsure.

4 4 2

much better than flappy bird

3 2 1

Flappy bird clone. I don't know why you made this for pyweek. The two worlds thing was a huge
stretch. I feel like you wanted to make this and worked in the topic afterward

1 1 1 yes

The fact that this does not connect to the theme at all and the sheer unoriginality of the
gameplay makes it a very hard game to even give it a pass.