PyWeek - R.U.S.T.L.E.R. - feedback

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3 3 3 yes

sorry, but it's not "pixely enough" :(

2 3 4

Good concept.

1 3 3


2 3 3

Story and concept were solid but the game took some coaxing to run. Gameplay wasn't a lot of fun
but the story was well written and interesting.

2 2 2

It was playable after a little maneuvering. I enjoyed your introduction and the little bite at :)

2 2 3

just i don't like it. i think that is a little boring, and have nothing attractive. but not so bad
for a first try.

2 2 3

Game concept isn't bad, but the implementation feels a bit clumsy.

The connection to the theme feels rather weak as well.

2 3 4

sadly the python source had a bug introduced by the freezing bits, i.e. import pygame._view
fails in my platform, but after some googleing i found I could just remove that import and
finally I could play. I liked the ambiance, but the game wasn't very much fun.

3 3 4

Herding mechanics worked very naturally. I was longing for an indicator as to where the runway

2 4 3

I found it difficult to figure out where the cows were supposed to go, and the controls were a bit

3 3 3

Not very 8bit, yeah. I think this is about has hard as herding cattle really is :P

3 3 2

Saving cows was a fun change from the usual alien zapping. Presented nicely with an intro
story. Didn't quite grab me - maybe later levels have more urgency? Bit of a stretch for the
theme but forgivable! :-) Might play again later - good effort overall!

3 4 5

the game is too much poor and too much slow to be really fun, anyway is a very good idea and i want to
see an improved version

3 3 3 yes

8-bit theme does not mean 8-bit style. I'm not sure how exactly you're supposed to get the
cattle to the goal in this game but I assume I am missing critical information about how to herd
cattle in general

1 1 1 yes

Wrong theme :(

2 3 2

Pretty funny intro text. I thought the lasso mechanic could be fun, but the game just takes
forever per cow. Maybe if I could lasso multiple cows in one go. No way am I waiting for 50 of those
things to make their way to the plane. I thought the game design was pretty creative, but I'm
taking off 2 Innovation points for not following the theme. Sorry, that's important to me.

3 3 3

Cute idea, definitely put me in the droving spirit!

3 3 1 yes

Disqualified for not having any link to the theme.

While the game seems to be fairly well implemented in general (except for trying (and failing)
to import pygame._view), the theme copout gets it a disqualification and a low innovation

The gameplay is somewhat monotonous, but the apparent lack of penalty for just skipping
levels means that I didn't have to slog through very much of it.

There's a lot of potential here, but it needs to be directed a little better. I hope to see more
from you in the future.

2 3 3

Obviously a pretty complete game but I did find it quite tricky to get the hang of.

3 3 4

I lassooed a few cows before deciding to go on a rampage. Only a couple survived. Nice game!

2 3 3 yes

I had to modify it to run in Linux: "ImportError: No module named _view". Funny intro, I liked
the text :) I like the graphics, the overall tone and technically is good. Unfortunately the
controls are unnecessarily complicated (feels like a motorbike) and the fact that the game
area is huge, makes it a little bit too frustrating to play. I'm checking DQ because It didn't
follow the theme at all, the graphics are not 8-bit style I'm afraid.

3 3 3

I am not a very good rustler! Good thing there was no wolfs.