PyWeek - Twin Fox - feedback

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1 1 1 yes

Did not work due to dependencies.

2 3 2

Very meditative. I'm still falling :). Nice work on the collision detection!

4 3 3

Before playing the game, I spent an exciting hour or so getting rid of all the pink. You should
probably call '.convert()' explicitly on any image you're loading if you want to use colorkey
transparency. The game itself was interesting, although it could do with more gameplay and
less falling. (I had a nice cup of tea during the last part of the journey.)

5 5 5

This is the best.

2 4 3

nice concept but the "game" has not challenge, so it is not a real game in my opinion.

2 3 3

The caverns were a bit bare and lonely -some more variation and critters would have helped
there. Theres a good idea behind there though, I would love to see it taken to completion.

3 4 3

Really great mood and humor, and simple controls. Even though there was no challenge, I still
had fun following the winding tunnel down. With a little more exploration and challenge this
would be a top notch game.

3 3 3

Good work!

4 3 5

I remain lost in the caves. The moon rabbits draw near...

3 4 4

I really like the dynamically generated map, and showing the player the process is a nice

The game has a very nice atomosphere. Jumping around and exploring are quite fun, but the game
does lack any sense of challenge. Still an enjoyable entry, though.

2 3 4

The procedural generation is nice, and it's actually interesting that you decided that the
player could watch it. The gameplay, yes, it could use some more work (btw, I got the entry for
day 148 3 times in a row).

3 4 2

Very cool map generating (even with live demonstration :) ), could have been superb game, if
there was little more work ;-)

3 4 4

Some more things to interact with would be cool but I liked the exploration aspect and the
graphics and music worked really well. Needs more moon rabbits.

2 3 3

Loved the world generation and the physics. Good backing story, although something's
missing. Exploration is not enough because there aren't many options: just go down!
Interesting experiment though. Well done! Btw, it crashed when I used "Exit" (after
finishing the game, so it's alright). *** glibc detected *** python2: double free or
corruption (fasttop): 0xb0a27330 ***

2 2 3

I hear what you say about lack of gameplay but it was a story of sorts.

3 3 2

Though there wasn't much of a challenge, I enjoyed it. There were a couple of moments of falling
down shafts where I was genuinely apprehensive about what I was doing or what I might encounter

4 2 4

"I really liked this game. The idea is very cool and I love the animation as the moon is being
generated. I also like the idea of the random objects and artifacts that you find as you explore
the tunnels. The little diary entries are cool as well and the text animation is very
effective. It is neat when you finally get to the end and find the man in the moon. Some of the
tunnel vertical parts feel a bit too long. In general the physics feels good but the collision
detection feels a bit off and detracts a little from the fun of moving the character around. On
the plus side, the character animation was cool. Overall a very nice feel for the game."

2 3 3

I enjoyed the atmosphere and the setting of this game. Oh yeah, and the music was good.