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3 2 1

Ok, despite being three mini-games all of them copies of older games, with weird graphics,
this was surprisingly fun to play through. Loved the running animation for the third level. :D

2 2 2

having 3 entirely different types of game is probably a little ambitious

1 1 1 yes

I'm getting "Fatal Python error: (pygame parachute) Segmentation Fault", sorry!

3 2 2

Two games for the price of one! Wow! Too bad you didn't get a change to add the sound effects.

3 3 3

Nice to see 3 games in one :) (In level 2 you can run off the top, which makes avoiding monsters
easy. :)

2 3 2

The gameplay is a bit derivative - the first level especially invokes memories of too many
hours lost to the lunar lander game.

There are a few balance issues - the second level becomes impossible once there's a monster
near the spawn point, and the lunar lander subgame doesn't have great controls, which
decreases the fun.

The artwork is interesting.

2 3 2

Nice little series of game. It may have been more interesting to see one of them fleshed out a bit
more but otherwise a good effort.

2 3 3

3 games in 1, but none very exciting. The first level was most fun, level 2 a bit unclear and level
3 annoying.

3 2 2

The third game has terrible jump physics. Apparently you didn't have time for sounds.

3 2 2

I liked the art :D Would be better with some music and sound effects.

3 2 2

It's a nice idea to make every level different game, but you first should make each mode
playable and enjoyable. Hand made graphics didn't really work this time..

3 2 4

I like the "minigame" style, but it's hard to fit a bunch of different game mechanics into a
pyweek game.

2 2 2

Nice set of mini-games. "You're Dead" :)

3 3 2

Nice work. Dude, you got to watch Moon.

2 2 2

It is really amazing that you were able to get three different game genres covered in a single

4 2 2

It is good because are three minigames, but these are nothing new and the graphic can be better,
you need a lot of luck to finish the last minigame because you can't control the jump in any way.