PyWeek - Rogue: Through The Veil - feedback

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cannot import tcod

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no sound? well, I'm not a fan of rouge-like games, but it seems well done, not sure why networkx
is required?

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A solid but very classic roguelike. I don't know how much of the content I encountered but I
tried many potions and spells and saw lots of unique effects. It doesn't engage me very much
though, visually, or by story or sound.

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Unfortunately I've screwed up my pip setup and it won't let me install the requirements. I'll
look into it more and hope I can get it done in time to come back to this! I liked reading your diary
entries and it looks pretty cool!

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I'm actually not sure of the rating with the graphics of the game, but it was obvious that there
were a plenty of efforts that went into the game. Nice approach as well, the controlling felt a
little - but that's probably only me.

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"Oops, you died. Better luck next time." I'm not really a great fan of Rogue-like games, but
it's really impressive that you managed to implement a rogue-like from scratch in a week. Nice

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C:\Users\steven\pyweek entries\RogueThroughTheVeil\TwoWorlds>python
Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 2, in from import play_game
File "C:\Users\steven\pyweek entries\RogueThroughTheVeil\TwoWorlds\src\",
line 1, in import tcod File
line 20, in from tcod.libtcodpy import * File
line 13, in from tcod.libtcod import * File
line 89, in from tcod._libtcod import lib, ffi ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified
procedure could not be found. I thought maybe this was looking for SDL2, so I dumped SDL2 DLLS in
the working directory, but no luck. Not sure what library it's looking for.

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Pretty much just a Rogue clone for as far as I got: I’m not that great at Rogue so I didn’t get to see
"though the veil". Graphics look nice, but would have been nice to add your own flair on it (and a
bit of sound too).

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I couldn't install necessary packages. I installed sdl2-dev, but pip still returned some

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cool game but is too advanced for me

3 3 3

Fun Enough.