PyWeek - The Furlaans 3 - feedback

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3 2 2

Har har, a hidden object game with pirates... i like it :)

Despite the fact, that it's very short and not that difficult, it was fun and is well implemented.

2 2 2

after playing to this game, I ended up a little bit sick... :-S too much background movement...

2 3 4

Nice booty!

2 2 2

I didn't find it to be a lot of fun, I'm afraid. I think you could have used better collision detection - it was hard to tell what items were blocking the goal. Oh, and I'm taking off a production point for misspelling the title of the game on the title screen!

3 3 2

Heh - the sound effects were funny. It needed better picking though - sometimes an objects was completely visible, but you couldn't click it because the corner of something else's bounding box was in the way.

4 4 3

nice production, i liked it

3 1 3

It was a little too easy and a little too short. However it was rather fun.

2 3 3

That's very cute, but not much of a game.

3 3 4

As simple as it is, the basic gameplay mechanic carries it well! I've seen some "find this object" games before, but without the "it may be under a ton of other stuff" and "also we are sailing in troubled waters" parts. These don't just seem new but also work very well!

2 2 3

having even the mouse cursor move around randomly was a bit too much wobbliness for me

3 2 3

The sounds were terrible!The gameplay was interesting enough, find objects on a wobbly screen. It looks like i'll be a captain one day, thank you for your support .

1 3 2

Not very exciting. Nice sprites though!

3 2 4

Bit more polish and improved physics and this would be even better!

3 4 3

Nice. Simple polished gameplay. Made me laugh. Well done.

2 2 2


2 3 3

Not too exciting, but playable. ;-)

2 2 2

Moderately enjoyable, but didn't last very long. Kind of like that bottle of rum, I guess...

1 2 2

Small wibbly game. Rather boring, though.

1 1 1 yes

Sadly the game did not work for me:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 4, in <module>
import main
File "/Users/richard/Downloads/PyWeek-10-finals/The_Furlaans/src/", line 8, in <module>
pygame.error: Failed to start CoreAudio: AudioUnitSetProperty (kAudioUnitProperty_StreamFormat)

(other pygame games work)

1 2 1


2 4 3

it was annoying that gameplay was done with the mouse, but then between levels "press any key"; can't I just click the mouse button?

The hook hand was a nice touch. Sounds too.

Oh, a HUD or some indication of what you are looking for in game (in case you started the level w/o remembering to look) would be nice.