PyWeek - Slicing Dicing Critter Killer 3000 - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
2 3 2

A little too easy to be properly fun. Not much depth of gameplay.

2 3 2

a bit cruel!

2 3 2

The blade doesn't clip at the screen edges. You can drive the blade quite far off the screen.

4 3 4

Neat, I like the creative nemesis mechanic. It never seemed like a good strategy, though, to
avoid becoming an animal's nemesis, because the only way to do that is to let them kill you.

3 2 3

Please change controls to mouse

4 2 3

Fairly simplistic game, but there's a lot of entertainment value to taking a circular saw to
everything in sight.

Connection to the theme could have been a bit stronger.

There's an annoying bug when the lives counter doesn't reset properly when choosing to retry
after losing the game.

3 3 3

A good game. Hit-boxes a bit confusing at times. I didn't realize I was hitting the crystals for
a while.

1 2 1

The README.txt information seems to explain a slightly different plot. Not too fun.

4 3 4

good fun!

2 3 3

I played it for a couple of minutes then I realized I don't really want to slice critters :) I
guess this game is not for me

3 3 2

Gets repetitive quickly.

4 4 4

Very funny game, it is a pity that there are not bonus/malus and it is a little bit short. Anyway
good work!

2 3 2

Someone could get hurt with that thing!

2 3 3

Nice interpretation of the theme. The controls made it a bit frustrating to play though, it was
hard to get to the right place, and not being able to move through the things was annoying. I
think mouse controls would have been better. Liked the pictures of the animals!