Minion Robot


Participating since pyweek1 :) have missed pyweek3 and 5 due to work stuff. Hope to participate in this and complete the challenge.


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Overall: 2.8
Fun: 2.1
Production: 3.3
Innovation: 3.1

25% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 15


File Uploader Date
Win32 exe
gizmo_thunder 2008/06/23 04:21
Added Score Stuff save scores and removed the annoying background music :)
gizmo_thunder 2008/04/05 17:53
Final Version
gizmo_thunder 2008/04/05 09:36
gizmo_thunder 2008/04/04 16:59
gizmo_thunder 2008/04/04 16:58
Minion Robot
gizmo_thunder 2008/04/04 16:54
gizmo_thunder 2008/04/04 16:53
gizmo_thunder 2008/04/04 16:53
Pause Screen
gizmo_thunder 2008/04/04 16:38
Game in Action
gizmo_thunder 2008/04/04 16:37
First ScreenShot
gizmo_thunder 2008/04/03 09:23

Diary Entries

Finally Created Entry

Have been facing problems with registering entry. Thanks to Richard i'm finally in :) Looking forward to this challenge.


Basic Gameplay

I guess ill' be working on something like a rhythm game.. still have to put a lot of pieces in place. But.. im' working on the input mechanism and stuff. Hope it works out well. Good Luck all.

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Rhythm Input Done

I have completed writing the class which controls the rhythm inputs for my game. The premise of the game is simple, you are a scientist who wants' to take over the world. You build robots and send them to take out any resistance you face. Your control over the robots is based on how well you time the key strokes. Time them well enough and your robots will go on rampage and finish the job faster, Miss the rhythm badly and your robots are bound to fail.

Started working on the class for various units. Have to see if this work out or not.. it is kinda inspired from patapon. I can only hope to reach that perfection :)

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Rhythm Input

Is is expected that the rhythm games use a very few keys for the input? or do you guys think its' a good idea to make use of the whole keyboard? I was actually thinking about using up the whole keyboard (i.e, randomly generating the keys to be pressed by the user) Do you think music is important for a rhythm game? i was collecting some music for the game but nothing really impressed me.


Still a Lot to Do.. :)

Well as always.. there is still a lot of stuff to do for the game... Enjoy my first screen shot, might change the bots in there if i get time. Still to add enemies and animations for them.. and collision detection and ofcourse the menu is to be done too. hope to complete soon.


Updated Graphics

Today i have worked on updating the graphics and putting all the pieces together. The game now has 5 playable levels, enemy AI kinda works (it's definitely dumb.. but it works). I thought giving Rhythm inputs would be easy.. but turns out it's kinda hard when you have multiple keys to press.. I have used 'F' and 'J' keys for the initial levels.. for the rest 'D', 'F', 'J' and 'K' .. .Trust me its' hard to get these keys right :)... So here goes .. the screen shots..
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Unable to Create EXE

I was trying python py2exe it says it's not able to find main module. Is anyone else facing the same issue?


Hash required?

Hi, i was wondering if posting the md5 sum is mandatory?...

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The Final Version Features

Hi, I just wanted to thank kfields, saluk for their comments on my game. I worked and improved the timing and have improved the ui for the key display just before the deadline :). Hope it is better than before. Check out the latest screen shots