PyWeek - ThEdA_P25 - feedback

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Not much to it. I lost a couple times and then won. It was alright.

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nice gfx, but no sound? innovative idea

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I did not think it was related to the theme.

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I quite enjoyed the Pyweek story; it rings true. The way the story was told with binary
decisions was good, although it isn't clear why something like sleeping makes you lose money.
It was also a bit too easy - I won by 53H in my third game once I grokked the rules. Seeing the later
content is the hardest part :) I disagree with you on Skellington and Pygame though.

1 1 1 yes

It just went not responding every time I try to run it.

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I did not understand what is going on. It is not clear why I lose money or some other resource. It
is not fun to win at the second day.

3 2 2

Cool story. Very meta. I admit some of the consequences of the choices confused me. Why did it
cost money to go to sleep? I eventually remembered enough to win, though.

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Looks cool, but "vectors" isn't really a motivation (for me, anyway). Also I like the pictures
(hand drawn FTW), but I couldn't really see the rhyme or reason behind how my answers affected
my success in the game. My kids thought it wasn't really "fun" although they thought it was
"funny" (IYSWIM). Also, Python 2... who still uses that? ;-) All your dependencies are
available as Python 3 modules. I hear it's the future... :-P

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had legacy python syntax not supported in the latest version of python. print "Hello from your
game's main()" ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax

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Cool idea, didn't really find it all that fun.

3 4 3

Realistic PyWeek Sim. PyWeek damages both social and health aspect. I literally got
stomachache during the contest.

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Please update your game to python 3.x