PyWeek - ThEdA_P18 - feedback

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This game was very tedious as I'm not familiar with binary (it was an educational game for me
heh). Pretty understandable for a solo entry but the graphics left a bit to be desired.

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I wasn't expecting much from your screenshot and I was pleasantly surprised. Good job with the
8bit theme!

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could not install avbin under fedora 20 :(

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Pretty good for a solo entry, but for a game, it felt more like taking a quiz. :)

4 3 4

Nice concept, and the game gets more interesting when the order starts changing.

3 4 3


3 4 4

Nice use of the theme. The difficulty seemed about right, but the gameplay stopped being
interesting after a while.

4 4 4

My favourite binary-number-building game so far. It's not easy to make this concept actually
playable and fun, but you have managed it. My only complaint is that the single-colour
gradient is not that helpful in making the bits distinguishable, especially when they are
scrambled -- I think that a more discrete palette would work better. A built-in help screen
which briefly explains the game would also be nice -- it's not obvious what the reordering
power-up is for, for example, until you realise that the bits are sometimes scrambled, which
only happens late in the game.

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I would like to see keyboard shortcuts.

2 3 3

It's not a bad idea, but once you fail a couple of times there's no enough time to get the bits for
29 ;) The mechanics are sound, but unfortunately it is not too fun to play. Good effects in a
polished little game.

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It's got a good feel, nice music and interface, and I don't mind having to do some math, but the
difficulty jumps back and forth an awful lot. Once I'll have to make 4 while all the bits are in
order, then I'll have to make 23 while they're scrambled. And the unscrambler takes so long to
take effect it's not worth it.

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A game about a bynary code can't be fun, for me was something like push the number random, not fun
at all.

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This definitely incorporated the theme, to the point where it wasn't really a game for me,
rather a nightmarish version of Tetris where each piece requires solving a math puzzle. Bonus
innovation points for this even though I didn't really think it was very polished.

4 3 4

Fun. Difficult, but fun.

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Could not install numpy on Windows Python 2.7/32-bit.

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Nice game idea.

3 3 2

I thought I knew my binary better than this.

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I really like the concept, and I'm a bit ashamed I can't really do this in my head beyond about 7 :(
Good job!

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It would've been nice to know what versions of python/pyglet/cocos2d you used. I couldn't
wrangle it into working but I figure it's probably pyglet's fault and not yours.