PyWeek - Tee-py9 - feedback

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4 4 4

This was good-looking and pretty slick, but really, really hard! I liked the feather-jumping mechanic, but it was difficult to find space to make it to the next feather and I found it was fatal to try an awful lot of the time. Anyway, best game about flying conquistadors I've played in any recent Pyweek.

3 4 4

4 3 4

Quite fun! Difficult though! :)

3 3 3

A bit hard for me..

4 4 3

I have no idea what's going on but I like it

4 4 3

Ah, good old 8-bit feel. Everything fits the motive. The game is a bit too fast, though.

5 4 4

this game was surprisingly fun! it was hard but i got a lot of lives and never felt cheated. the combination of shooting + feather hopping + combo powerups worked very well. the low-res pixel art worked well too, like old atari games (esp swordquest), i seem to be shooting at flying civil war guys and dogs and it makes no sense but it doesn't matter at all. there's definite levels/pattern changes and once you start to memorize them you can pick feather types to optimize your firepower against the next wave of enemies. i'm going to wire a game controller into this and see if i can make it past the 3x combo stage, it's too frantic for keyboard play.

5 3 2

Very fun and addictive.
Too hard near the end (after getting 3x combo). Dying once is fatal because of the enemies multiplying and low initial attack power. Should restart at max combo level.
Bottom of the screen is hard to see (because of the backgroud and not enough contrast). Its also the most dangerous part of the screen since jumping up from there seems to get me killed A LOT.

4 4 4

Good take on the old side-scrolling genre - very enjoyable.

5 4 4

no scoring system.. kinda is a bummer.. the game rox. Thanks for such an entertaining game.

5 5 5

Great job! Very complex gameplay and strategy from such simple components! I wanted to play
again and again. Maybe a bit too hard.

3 3 3

Quite fun. Could have used more balancing.

5 4 4

Liked the feather jumping concept and the way the current feather decays and affects your fire power. Nice fast-paced sound track.

2 2 2

too fast and too much enemies to have any real control.

too small screen.

2 5 4

Very nice idea and production, but it was a bit hard to control :(

4 4 3

Finally action!

4 4 4

Cool game. I would have liked to see more gameplay elements and a better feedback about how I was going throughout the game.

2 3 3

Too fast for me.

4 4 4


3 3 4

I didn't get to the end, but I enjoyed the time spent playing.

This game relies too much on reflex for my taste, especially when trying to swap feathers amidst a horde of enemies, but I managed to last long enough to have fun with it.

Apart from the balance issues you have already noted, I can't really think of very much else to comment on.

4 4 4

Good concept. A bit hard to play; looks like it will be very cool if it's polished more.

4 2 3

Challenging in a good way. Although not very high grade, the production is consistent.

5 2 4

I'd love to see a fully play-tested, more balanced, better-paced version of this game. You seem to already know exactly what I'm talking about, based on your diary entries, so I won't bring up things redundantly.

If you go for Pyggy, I'll be eagerly awaiting the result.

3 2 4

nice work! Original take... love too see this one with more polish

4 3 4

A neat idea but felt a little cramped in the small window. I found it hard to get the jumps going I
guess - I didn't feel comfortable moving too far from the left edge and thus jumping was very

5 5 5

a game can really catch attention in the Indie game scene - it's a game development quality i want to reach