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That was quite cool actually, for a one day game. Should of probably made the chess board out of grass or something though - theme was totally ignored.

2 2 3

not so bad i hope you will have more time on the next pyweek

3 2 3

Fun idea! =D

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Funny! Graphics are OK and match the gameplay well. I miss sounds.

3 2 4

Quite impressive for a 10 hour game. But I hope you'll do a 7-day game next Pyweek. ;-)

1 2 3

(kings are supposed to be able to move in all 8 directions...)

4 3 4

Interesting idea turning a turn based game into a mad frantic zombie game! The idea is very fun and I'd score you high for combining two different gametypes into one really funny gameplay. Wish there were more pieces and sounds though, hearing the clicking of chess pieces as you place them against the groaning of the zombies would have been funny.

2 3 4

That's a pretty clever idea. If there were some easier way to control the pieces, this would be kinda fun. Since when can a king not move diagonal, though?

2 2 3

Interested to see what this would have been like with the full week!

2 3 3

The zombies don't follow the rules! It's not fair... aaarghhh...

3 2 3 yes

Actually it is one of the better games in my opinion! Not much lawn though, so I checked "disqualify". I managed to kill 150 zombies, but did not spend many guts. I may be going back to try buying some pieces.

3 3 4

Hah, that was awesome. Really hard. Yayyyy zombies!

4 3 4

really good idea!

2 3 4

For 10 hours work, not that bad ;o)

3 4 4

Not bad for a one-day game! Not amazing, but still very nice!