PyWeek - People and Planes - feedback

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i hate those planes that wont allow you to move.

3 3 4

Fun idea but I don't think the string physics add much to it. Would've probably worked with a straight line too. Music would've been nice, since there was a time limit but no sense of urgency. :P

4 4 4

Pretty good! I didn't like losing control when whacked by a plane, and I was waiting for the rope to catch up with me a lot of the time, but definitely has potential!

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funny but too much simple gameplay

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<p>The idea is nice... specially for being done at a last minute.

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Very innovative. The game could be very much more enjoyable with sound and other fun elements.
Very good entry, nevertheless.

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not bad for 8 hours

1 1 1 yes

Sorry, no pyglet 1.1, so no

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had some fun with this one although found it very difficult!

4 4 4

Great game -- especially considering it was done in a single day!!! I really like the game, and
it was a blast to play. The art was cute, the gameplay progressed at a
challenging-but-not-too-much-so rate, and it fit the theme perfectly. I thought the
setting was charming, and the string physics were unique and enjoyable -- nicely done!

3 3 2

At first it was fun, but new things need to happen to mantain the interest.
Anyway, it is complete and good looking, wich for a solo entry is not bad.

4 3 3

Great for an 8-hour game. Now imagine what a nice game that would be if you'd spend a whole week on
it? :P

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This is totally irresponsible. You're letting the little coloured people get on the little coloured planes without having to pass through little coloured metal detectors and having their little coloured tweezers confiscated. You're putting the world at terrible risk!

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Sounds would have been great!

4 4 3

The gameplay is enjoyable, and I really like the look of this game. The graphics feel very

There are two minor areas where I think the game could use better feedback:

1 - When the colored people appear they do so without warning. This is a little frustrating
when you're trying to sort colors on the rope and a different color appears right where
your rope is. (It's no fun to be screwed by a random number generator.) Having the people
blink first so you have time to pull the rope up would be nice.

2 - It would be nice if there was some indication of how much longer your character-cloud is
going to be stunned. The wait wouldn't be so needlessly vexing :)

I'm keeping this game on hand for when I need a few minute diversion from work :) It's quite

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Cool idea - the controls felt a little sticky.

2 3 4

Neat idea, but a bit frustrating in the later levels.

4 3 4

I like it. It's simple, but still fun to play :)

4 4 4

You've made me realize that idea is everything. Well done for 8 hours' work!

2 3 3

Nice! Could be curious with somehow more "realistic" rope physics :)

2 4 3

No sounds ruined the experience. The mechanics are solid, just not tuned enough for fun.

5 4 5

I really liked your game. I would've made the string a bit different maybe. It feels somewhat slow atm. But it was a fun game anyway.

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I see potential here but the lack of polish really hurts it.

4 3 4

Nice little game. I liked it more than I expected to. Levels 1-4 were pretty easy, and then Level 5 was impossible. I played it like 10 times and only got up to 10/15 once.

3 4 4

Decent. Smoothly executed.

2 2 3

Okay game, underdeveloped in concept and could use music but what there is plays well.

2 3 3

nice graphics. music and sound effects could improve the game a lot.

4 3 4

Nice scramble to finish at the end, and it works rather well as a game I think.