PyWeek - Even Robots have Bad Dreams - feedback

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I didn't get the concept.

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Nice idea, but it should have been developed a little further. The user interface is kind of messy.

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Good puzzler, solid construction. I got stuck, which is always a good sign with a puzzle game. :)

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Nicely done with the game! I'm impressed at the behavior and the puzzle design - it's very very good!

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Very nice concept, loved the wifi idea! Some cool sound and music, and maybe bonus points or
something for alternate solutions, and of course more levels, would make this game shine. Oh
and add a tutorial :) Bug: can place more than one item on a square, if that is done it can't be

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Seemed like a great concept, but the bugs were a bit much.

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Nice little puzzle game - an interesting change from the usual PyWeek fare. Sadly, it ends just as it's getting interesting. Some more levels, and a little more polish and you'd have a real winner here.

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Nice challenging puzzles! The last (real) level had me stumped for quite a while!

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The idea is nice, and the robot is cute. The puzzles/levels get a bit repetitve, so the scor in fun is lower than it could be. But nice work

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I don't understund the game

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Cool concept

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nice idea, somewhat buggy gameplay, as you said yourself.
one bug to fix: placing an item (kitty) on other (zappers), makes the other item disappear.

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It was great! Good gameplay and fun concept. I didn't run into any bugs (I avoided doubling things up, as suggested) and played it for a lot longer than I expected. Great work.

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This game needs some spice!

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Nice puzzle mechanic, good-looking implementation.

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I like it. Too bad you couldn't quit finish it. :)

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I couldn't beat the first level. I did it exactly as you said in the readme, and he would never fall in love with the boot. Interesting idea, although seems very unrobotish.