PyWeek - Tee-py24 - feedback

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3 4 4

nice game, I was not sure about the rules

4 4 4

Very nice idea and implementation. I liked the battle element. It reminded me a bit of
minesweeper in that you have to think about which cell to choose next. Very nice game.

3 3 4

Pretty interesting strategy game. I don't think I've seen anything with quite this mechanic.
I wasn't able to figure out any actual strategy I felt was effective, even after using the hint.
My victories always felt random. I tried to teach myself tactics by just playing on the central
3x3, but same issue. The graphics, sound, and controls all work well: simple and effective.

4 2 5

This is both fun and original. I would play it again. Production-wise, a little unambitious. I
would love to see animated critters, and there were bugs where too many critters got splatted
(the numbers were right though, so it didn't affect gameplay).

4 4 4

Simple territory takeover game, like the classic "Slay" from Sean O'Connor but much simpler.
Worked all around! The game made sense, the graphics worked, I was able to finish a game. Simple
but reasonable. I'm not sure it was super duper fun, but maybe I'm missing some subtleties in
the rules. It seemed pretty straightforward, and once you win the first level the game is over.

4 3 4

What an interesting design. I don't usually like blind flipit puzzles, but this one requires
some smarts. Nicely done! I wonder if one could make more of this.

3 4 3

Nice little game very well presented. I feel it's a bit random, but maybe there are strategies I
don't get. It is quite entertaining for a quick play.

3 3 3

Cool little puzzle game. I had a bit of trouble getting good at it, couldn’t quite lock down on
the strategy.

3 3 3

Fun, elegantly simple, worked with no bugs.

4 3 4

A nice simple game!

3 3 4

I solved this. My strategy is flipping tiles to form a checkered pattern, then connecting each
large enemy groups to cause a mass extinction.

4 3 3

Quite a pleasant game you made :)

1 2 2

I don't really understand this game. I didn't understand how or why I won, and just kept
pressing the mouse..

5 4 4

This is really fun and zen! I'm just gonna keep this and play to relax. Thanks!