PyWeek - Tee-py22 - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
3 4 4

Congrats on twenty pyweeks!

5 5 4

Well-thought-out levels; nice graphics.

5 5 5

Great game! Want more levels! :D

3 4 4

Minimalistic, but well done. I believe you if you say that level design is hard or takes time.
Still, some levels were harder to solve.

5 4 5

My favourite game of the comp! Brilliant, great concept, loved the puzzle mechanic, it was
really interesting and loved how the email story was interwoven with the gameplay. Really
enjoyed this game, top notch. Very small, small gripe: on osx, the background music doesn’t
play (it’s an mp3, not supported in osx pygame) … if it were an ogg it would have played fine. This
was a shame because I finished the game and then realized there was background music, went back
and had a listen and realized it would have really enhanced the mood.

4 5 4

Very nice idea and implementation. The puzzles were very satisfying and nicely designed. The
story was a very nice element. I also liked the graphical design. Very nice and clean. Great

4 3 4

Only servicable graphics, but quite a fun litle puzzle game.

5 5 5

Never trust a shutdown script to stop an AI, always use kill -9.

4 4 3

Go ask the Prof., what was Michael thinking. What did we learn from Eagle Eye? A kind begets
after his kind. The only good AI is a dead AI.

4 5 4

Great game. I wish I had more time to play.

4 5 5

Simple, clean style, with multiple levels. Brilliantly executed.

5 4 5

All around awesome. I like the problem solving and backtracking, and how you had to think
backward to solve some of them. The story was not bad too. Pretty polished. An undo button is the
only thing missing, otherwise I would have said 5/5 on production.

4 4 5

I think you really a legend in py week for you 20 times attendence . And you really good at puzzle
design, which I think is really time consuming. This time you Also creat a great game!