PyWeek - Tee-py21 - feedback

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5 5 5

My favorite! What can I say, I'm a sucker for one-button games with mechanics I've never seen
before. The idea is so simple and intuitive and it works so smoothly. Decreasing complexity in
this case really paid off. Having said that, it did make me feel like an idiot many times and I
wish it was a little more forgiving. I died on level 8 and had to start all the way back over like 15
times. Finally beat it, though! :D

3 4 3

Honestly, I gave up trying to beat it.

4 2 3

Quite funny game, a bit annoying but it's the point of the game

2 3 4

It's a little frustrating. When there's enough debris it's indeterminate where the beams
are. And you're reset back to the beginning when you guess incorrectly. The isometric nature
the player sprite makes it really hard to tell where you are in terms of the beam grid.

4 4 3

Entertaining little game. Nice simple mechanic, but well implemented.

I'm not sure the random trap layouts are always defeatable, but the overall game is quite

3 3 4


3 3 4

Only real problem : Really, really, really hard. I could not finish it.

5 4 5

Simple but high effective. Well done!

3 3 4

please mention which python version it runs on in the readme.txt

4 3 4

Simple yet fun. Well done!

4 2 3

Realise you didn't have much time for this. It was actually pretty cool. A bit repetitive and I
keep wanting to move 2D as opposed to 1D, but fair enough. I wonder if the levels would have been
better if they were more designed as opposed to procedural? But not convinced. Otehrwise
simple enough to understand, pressured enough to be tricky so the gameplay was pretty well

2 3 3

It took me a while to understand the gameplay, at the end is playable but quite repetitive

4 3 5

Very good, simple game. The graphics are nothing to write home about but the game's concept is
nothing like anything else I've played. It is really addictive. The poor robot; what did he do
to deserve being repeatedly lasered because I can't figure out where the laser traps are quick

4 4 4

Simple, but very well-executed game.

2 3 4

The game's fairly frustrating. I think having the lasers fill the entire squares instead of
that thin ambiguous line would've helped with legibility of how far I can actually sprint. I
understand the reasoning behind the reset-to-start aspect of death, but the punishment was
more frustrating than anything. Maybe have checkpoints every 3 levels or so and increase the
number of levels, so the challenge doesn't drop from 100 to 0 with each death. Besides those
points, the game's solid. Maybe a bit unfair in the later stages, but I suppose that's the

3 4 3

kinda hard to play, could only move in a straight line, I think I must have been doing something

4 4 4

Reasonably simple game play, but good job in the time available. I like the concept, took me a
few attempts to realize how it all worked.

3 3 3

It's quite hard to beat this game, I gave up after a few tries. This game even though is rather
simplistic is made quite well, I didn't see any outstanding bugs or other show stoppers.

4 4 4

Everywork you made i all like!!!

3 4 4

I like graphics and how you made game in 400 lines. But still, was unable to understand how to

3 5 5

The game is quite good, i like the idea of the laser etc. Anyway after two level is starting to be
boring and very hard to beat. It needs other elements to improve the game experience.

4 4 4

Very interesting concept, and simple gameplay. Tends to get a bit monotonous quickly and
loses replayability but it's amazing and original for a 1-key game.