PyWeek - Tee-py20 - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
5 5 5

Fantastic idea, very tight connection to the theme, really enjoyable puzzle in two sizes,
clever help system (I mean the breakers), beautiful interface.

4 4 5

Another Tee classic! A brilliant idea smoothly executed. I would give 6/5 on innovation if I
could. The game was just a little too hard for me. I finished a small board by randomly placing
the bottom half, but I was pretty hopeless on a large board.

4 3 3

no music nor sfx

4 5 4

Very cool idea, and very well executed.

2 4 4

This was a good use of theme, but I found it too difficult to gather enough data to put together
how the board looks, at least with some of the deals I got. Sometimes my balls started piling up
which made it even harder.

4 4 4

Fun, looks good, cool concept - solid game.

3 3 3

Interesting puzzle. Difficult, more so when it was not obvious ball could be rolled from
different position.

5 5 4

Seriously great game, excellent concept, good fit to the theme. Super polished production.
Really clever game mechanic, very fun and the right level of challenging but not insanely
difficult. Music wouldn’t load in osx, but at least it didn’t crash the game (unlike some other
entries) ...

4 4 4

The theme was a bit of a stretch...

5 5 5

This is an amazing game, I really enjoyed playing it and kept wanting to come back to play some
more. I love the idea of trying to work out the shape of the tetris puzzle by dropping balls in
different places. The whole concept feels really good and is very well implemented. A couple
of things could help with the tuning, 1 - it wasn't clear initially that you could click
anywhere above the line, I though I could only click on the arrow. 2 - there are some unsolvable
puzzles because you cannot get the balls to fall through certain squares. I'm not sure how you
could detect this but it would be nice if that couldn't happen. Overall a fantastic game!

4 4 4

Certainly not a game for the impatient, but for those that finally get it the reward is great
fun. I like it!

4 4 3

Very cool game! Much better than mine. The large board was difficult, but still possible to
complete without breakers. I have played this game multiple times, and always had fun.

3 4 5

Very interesting idea, although this game can be a bit tedious. I liked the wooden background
and the music.