PyWeek - Tee-py18 - feedback

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2 4 4

too fast for me

3 4 3

very hard to play, but i like it.

4 3 4

Nice concept for the theme, and congrats for being featured in that indie game blog already! :)
Pretty fun idea, glad you had time to put music in too, just rounds out the game nicely.

4 5 3

Graphics were killer, I thought the logo for the game in particular was kind of genius... I love
the look and the layout (the game reeks of style). Concept was solid, controls were great,
challenging gameplay... totally delivered.

4 4 5

Great idea for the theme and very tough.

3 5 4

I think this game has a lot of potential, but it's very difficult to figure out the mechanics and
to respond quickly enough to the input. I would suggest slowing it down a lot in the early

3 4 4

Good looking game, but really quite frustrating.

3 4 5

Classic Tee!

5 5 5

excellent work! excellent idea! excellent theme conformance!

4 4 4

A bit too fast-paced for me, but more fun than I'd expected.

2 3 4

Good interpretation of 8-bit, but a bit too fast-paced for such a cerebral mechanic, and
needed more effects to make it feel good when I was winning.

3 3 4

Very nice. It is very hard.

3 4 4

Great music, good looking, and I liked the interpretation of the theme. I'm sure a few people
(including myself) considered the literal byte=8 bits interpretation, but you were
actually bold enough to go with it. I did find the game pretty difficult though (managed to beat
1st level only after many attempts).

3 4 3

Nice music and I liked the concept. Didn't like sudden death. With refinement this could be
quite addictive!

4 4 4

Sheesh, it's hard. A bit too hard, probably. Still, this is great. Esp for a single entry.

3 3 3

Pretty cool idea and good music, however, a little more info on how to play would be nice.

2 4 3

This was very hard! I liked the concept, like a ring-arranged rhythm game, though with a
difficult control scheme. It looked really good and the music was pumpin'!

5 4 5

Loved the simple controls, high pace and difficulty.

2 5 5

Before reading your hint, it was impossible. After reading, it is just damn hard! I should take
one day off to win.

1 4 4

The game is well done but very boring, I can't play it for more than 30 seconds, I little bit
disappointed because I always apprechiate your games, at the end I gave it a second chance, no
point. :(

2 4 4

Not sure how to play this.

5 5 5

An amazing game! Extremely hard, but in a Super Hexagon sort of way. I felt like I was in the TRON
world while playing it. A triumph!

3 4 3

Good production, very polished. I'm not sure if I understand how it works, but it's a little bit
difficult to me even level 1 (I'm not good with puzzles). Very nice game, congratulations :)

4 3 4

Interesting game. It was too fast for my brain. I was doing good, then two oddballs would come at
me and I'd choke. I would like to play it a little slower.