PyWeek - Tee-py16 - feedback

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2 4 4

Neat idea but the fun was ruined for me by that little fippy arm thing you have no control over

2 3 4

Honestly I had trouble getting into it, it just seems so hard to control. Kind of a creative
idea, I thought.

3 3 5

Better instructions would have helped. Interesting mechanic, and quite challenging.

3 3 4

I really liked the idea, but I found it too hard.

3 3 4

to fast for me, you only can control the position, but not which side it will destroy the brick,
so you have to be at the right place at the right time which is difficult achieve

3 3 4

A score counter would be nice.

3 3 4

Sorry that you didn't have more time to flesh this out.

The colour scheme and interface look really smart. Suits the stripped back and simple them.

Playing as your own nemesis was fun too.

What killed the joy though was the seemingly random movements of the up and down arms. I'd love
it if they were somewhat controllable.

2 3 2

Confusing indeed! I spent most of the time trying to find out what was going on (still not sure).
Not too fun, but I think it is because the action is a little bit confusing... you lose too fast
without really understanding why :(

3 3 4

I love how you managed to convey the theme so well just through the mechanics of the game. It's a
little awkward to play in its current form, but given the time-scale, game balancing wouldn't
be top priority.

2 2 4

Weird. Also very hard.

3 3 5

Liked the idea. You should imporve a little the look, but keeping the gameplay unchanged. You
may also consider to add different game mode or add levels increasing column number

3 3 3


3 4 4

The sound and minimalistic graphics work well together. I enjoyed playing through the game
12-18 times. I have yet to win. Seriously, about halfway through I always get mixed up on which
side I'm supposed to be helping. Hard mode is even worse. Frustrating, but in a good "I can save
it, oh well, one more time" way. Not sure how it related to Nemesis, but I enjoyed it.

2 4 4

Interesting concept, but the timing can be frustrating in a bad way.

4 5 5

very valuable game, it is very simple but anyway has a good graphic, sound etc. the concept is
simply as well but related with the theme. Congratulations, good job!