PyWeek - Tee-py12 - feedback

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3 4 3

It works, but for some reason, it crashed suddenly while playing. Also, when starting over, the music sometimes doesn't stop itself before playing again, so you hear the same song twice at the same time.

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4 3 4

The production quality was nice, but the balance was a bit off. And it
segfaulted a lot until I changed the fonts.

4 4 3

Very fun little side-scroller. Although quite short, very challenging and catchy graphics and music.

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a bit too long but awesome game.

4 4 4

Really funky concept and stylish production! Just needs more random events that can occur.

4 4 5

This is madness.

3 4 4

Flying raptors! Nice!

3 3 3

Pretty neat idea, it's too bad you didn't have enough time to add more events. I didn't find the flying pigs to be that hard, but the flight itself is extremely long given that there are only two different things that seem to happen. Could you have an event where good things, like yummy cakes and pies appear, that you WANT to hit? Maybe randomly change the direction of travel from horizontal to vertical?

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No Sound effects. Brilliant take on the theme.

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Great idea! I'm finding it impossibly hard, though. The difficulty needs to start off much lower and ramp up. Also a problem is that there's no time to take your eyes off the action to see when the event has changed and what it's changed to. Might be better if there were a sound indicating an event change, and the text appeared overlaid on the playing area. And show some indication of the player's health (if there is one already, I couldn't find it).

2 3 2 yes

Did not follow the theme of the challenge

3 3 3

Looking very nice. Just needed some extending and fixing of crashes.

4 3 5

Great idea! Unfortunately it seems like all of the planned events hadn't been completed so the game was lacking substance. But otherwise it was good fun.

4 5 4

good game

3 2 4

Nice concept to play with probability of events. Apart from this, the game need some improvements, so keep us updated on your next progress.

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I really like the probability concept, and the game is fun when you first play it. As you've said, it needs more events to be implemented; once you start picking up the atoms, the gameplay becomes less interesting.

Actually as it stands, the pigs and the traffic jams are at about the right level (does this depend on the probability you're at though?) - you *can* get through the pigs. For a one-day effort this game is great!

If you're going to develop this game more, here's an idea: stick some floating obstacles in the sky (unlikely things, of course.) This will force the player to pick up atoms that they don't want to.

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Well, the title is awesome ;)

The mechanics of what was happening in the game were difficult for me to understand at first. I thought I was trying to affect the probabilities of specific major events, but on closer examination it seemed like it was more the frequency of whatever random (I think?) event had been picked?

3 3 4

I love the concept. Rockin' music too. Would enjoy seeing this through to completion.

2 2 1

it's very creative and stilish, even if it's made in a hurry. great potential.

3 3 4

I didn't get very far, but that's mostly because I suck at dodging things. Not a bad effort at all for a single day's work.

3 2 5

Outstanding use of the theme! Great title too, of course. :) I know you said that collecting the probability particles affects gameplay, but it wasn't clear to me how that was happening. I would also have liked more feedback when I lost a life.

1 1 1

honestly saying, the visual is a huge deception - from Tee i were expecting the excellence he
reached at Pyweek9, with Quetzal

4 4 4

Hilariously surreal. Thank you!