PyWeek - Tee-py11 - feedback

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4 4 4

Not quite feeling your job? Fun concept. Simple to play.

3 4 4

Mmyeah... If you could get my that TPS report by tommorrow that would be GREAT! Mmkay...

4 2 3

+ Very interesting idea!
+ Minimalistic artwork is a perfect fit for the game.

- Sound did not work on Linux.
- Probably just me, but I found the game very difficult. I can't tell whether the copiers are slacking off.
- A main menu with an explanation of the game would be very beneficial.

1 1 1 yes

Sorry, game segfaulted with no clue why (and a bit late in the day to probe). Screenshots look good! Many thanks!

2 3 3

I found the game to be quite infuriating. If there doesn't appear to be anyone slacking you don't have much time to move around once it's passed for the next couple of levels.

3 4 4

I'm not sure I was playing it right or something. Sometimes the room would go red when I thought it should be green. And the reverse...

3 3 4

I have to remove the playing of sound to get the game to work but it was worth it. Image recognition as a core game mechanic was new to me.

4 4 5

I liked this a lot. It's difficult, but not frustrating -- the rules and controls are easy to understand.

5 5 5

Best game in solo competition. I like it even if I'm still trying to complete it - pretty difficult at final floors!
Also music suits well the game. Congrats!

3 3 3

Quite tricky, but amusing.

4 4 3

I enjoyed it :)

3 4 3

Nice game, requires lots of concentration and speed.

5 5 4

great game!

4 3 5

very nice idea for a game. Pretty fast game play too.

1 1 1 yes

Segfaults on me immediately at startup. No traceback. I'm on Ubuntu Karmic.

2 3 4

Intriguing idea, but the execution makes it a test of reflexes more than anything else. I found it much too frustrating to be fun.

3 4 4

Nice one - it gets a bit too stressfull though as soon as you have to look on 6+ per row.

2 2 2

Haha, lovely concept and nice animations! I didn't find it to be an enjoyable game though. If at least you could just click at the slackers (and not just the one on the next floor) it would already be more approachable. But still it's a bit too simple, barely enough to call it a game.

3 4 4

I didn't understand how the game decided where to drop the cage (which floor). Sometimes there
were floors with 4 people laughing and I had no idea how to catch them. Should I catch them? Maybe
you should add a little help screen and show which workers should be caught and which should be
ignored. That reminds me, If a floor is clean (all working nicely) I couldn't switch to the next
floor but had to wait until the clean floor is on the upper part of the screen. But then I had no
chance to beat the game because all the other non-clean floors were too close to be cleansed of
the non-workers. Don't get me wrong, the game is kind of fun and definitely innovative but it
seems a little imbalanced. End of wall of text. ;-)

4 3 4

Good arcade-style game. Difficulty ramped up way too fast for me, but I liked
it. It would be good to have a little more time to familiarise oneself with the
sprites (it took me quite a while to work out why some copiers were good and
others bad).

There seems to be music, but I didn't hear it. Sound effects would be good.

4 3 4

Nice one, the music is really appropriate, made me chuckle. It's so hard thought! I couldn't get past about 40 floors to go! :-)

3 4 2

It was a little too challenging. After several tries, I had to hack your scroll speed down to 30(from 60) to make it reasonable, and even then I didn't quite make it to the end. It was pretty well executed, though, and not boring to play either.

2 2 4

Insane difficulty curve!

2 3 3

Becomes extremely hard when floors have more than about 3 or 4 people in them. Because you can't safely drop a cage until the target floor reaches the crane, you're forced to continually concentrate on just the next floor, with no chance to look ahead and plan your moves.

3 3 3

Simple sharp graphics. Quite playable, and fun.