PyWeek - Team Wasabi - feedback

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5 4 4

I was lucky to be able to play this game multiplayer, and I had a lot of fun. The concept is original and the fact that you can interfere with your opponent's painting makes this game very fun (although this strategy feels a little too dominant). Great graphics, too. Excellent work on this game.

4 4 5


3 4 4

The multiplayer aspect is cool, especially the potential vandalism at the end. The connection to the theme is a little tenuous, but the overall production values are quite good.

5 3 4

Really really fun. But that's just because it's multiplayer.
Games that you can play with your friends are always fun to judge.
Balance is a bit off, and the controls are a horrible.

5 5 5

This is a really innovative game, great presentation and executed really well. Very impressive!

4 4 5

Didn't have the chance to try multiplayer but I like it.

3 4 4

Liked it. Nothing more to say.

4 5 5


2 2 5

Really innovative idea. Could use some sound and maybe more instructional polish. I am sad to say, however, that I didn't really enjoy playing that much

3 4 5 yes

What does this have to do with nine times? I guess the size of the paintbrush. Not enough. Sweet game. Very innovative. Very polished looking. Good sound effects.

4 5 4

Great game, and I haven't even tested network gaming.

2 4 4

Collecting the needed colours is a pain.

3 2 3 yes

I didn't really see the theme tie in that well. Did I not look hard enough? Was it abstract (lol, literally I laughed and woke the dog, he isn't happy and now wants a meal)?. I did try and paint the picture though, and gave up when I realised that I had coloured in the white bits already and there was no way to undo that crime! An intellectual challenge that is best served in pairs - If only I had a friend to play with...

3 4 4

I really appreciated the non-traditional game play. The gamed lacked something in the fun
department for me but I think faster player movement would improve that quite a bit.

5 4 4

About half the time I found myself standing where I wanted to paint, which was a bit irritating, but I suppose it's part of the game. It's hard enough to paint with an oversize brush even when you aren't covering the bits you're trying to paint, though. All in all, a fantastic game.

2 4 3

very polished and original

3 4 4

Awesome game, but... Where's the Nine Times?

3 5 5

Fantastic game! It gets repetitive quite quickly but its a lot of fun before that and exceptionally pretty. Multiplayer games have traditionally been quite poorly done in PyWeek. Way to buck that trend!

3 4 3

good game

1 1 1

4 4 4

Brilliant idea. Serious kudos for implementing multiplayer in such a short time.

The gameplay needs some refinement - for example how easy it is to sabotage and hard it is to actually paint something good. But that refinement is really easy to do now that you have that core gameplay worked out.

I laughed so hard when I first experienced sabotage. It looks quite humorous to see the painters drawing all over the opponent's work.