PyWeek - The Black Shoe - feedback

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1 1 1 yes

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3 3 3

Extremely realistic control over the balloon.

3 3 3

cool, but glitchy, the balloon wouldn't rise sometimes,<BR>even when I was not touching anything,
and was holding the up key, and had lots of energy...

4 2 5

Quite serene and calming. The levels are all too easy though.

4 4 4

VERY fun, LOVE the music.

Only problem I had was sometimes I would get stuck on the ceiling and it would be near impossible to get going again. Level 4 was pretty bad for this.

1 1 1 yes

All I get is a black screen and music playing.

4 3 4

Physics is always fun!
A nice entry

3 3 4

Nice idea to combine physics with a "balloon escape" theme. More levels with more physics puzzels is what this game needs :)

2 2 3

Well, the music was annoying, but that didn't count against you. The balloon physics was wierd, but it worked, I suppose. The action was a little too slow, and yours was the last of all the balloon games that I played, so I guess that didn't work out in your favor.

3 3 4

Quite fun. The music seemed a bit over the top, and a nice burning sound would have been nice. A few little things would have made the production score higher - highlighting on the button, correct readme, full screen mode all would have been nice.

3 3 4

great! though more levels could help

3 3 4

Need to improve the difficulty of the levels.

4 4 5

The physics are great! And the game is too.

4 4 4

Too much fun! I had a blast getting to the sandbox level and playing with all of the balls -- it was so much fun, shrinking them small and then blowing them up into showers of confetti fireworks. The only trouble was making them so large that my balloon got shoved out of the level and I had to restart.
Still, the game was a lot of fun, and I really appreciated some of the subtle touches, especially the almost imperceptable inflation/deflation of the balloon. A few things --
- The collision with walls is a little "sticky", and feels like you're a static balloon. While it's interesting, it can make for frustrating gameplay -- it may have been what you were going for, but I just thought I'd mention it anyways.
- It takes a while to do things in the game, but it's hard to not have much control for getting through the "gauntlet". However, that's not too bad -- the worst is when one of those things gets caught in between your airbag and your basket and it swings you around like an apple stuck on the end of a stick. Thankfully, you have a nice and prominent "reset level" button that I was able to use on more than one such occassion.
Anyways, the game was a lot of fun, and I thought it was great how well you integrated ODE into your game as a physics engine. Well done!

3 4 4

Cool. I definitely like the idea, and how the game feels. Controls are hard but in a way that it's a good challenge.

4 3 4

Physics sims are fun!

I particularly enjoyed getting impaled on the spinners, and trying to unstick myself. Sort of.

5 4 4

The game simply rox. The game mechanics are good very addictive game. A little polish on the
graphics front would make this the best of the lot in this contest.

4 3 4

The second to last level was very challenging! The movement keys also appeared a little sluggish occasionally, but otherwise good game!

1 1 1 yes

Game thrrows exception @ me, me cries, me does not play...

4 3 3

I played this game until the end. My main complaint is that there should be more levels!

The use of the physics engine was quite nice. It felt like controlling a balloon, and being hit by things or bumping things over was quite pleasing. The main goal in the levels fit the theme quite well as well. I liked the detail of the balloon expanding and contracting. Nice that there was music in the game as well, though a few sound effects would've been nice too.

3 4 3

That's some pretty nice physics, the PyODE really demonstrates its power here. The game is sufficiently fun to play too, and the music helps a lot to create an atmosphere.

4 3 4

Very nice idea. Wouldv'e probably given it Exceptional in the fun level if the damn thing wasn't so hard to control. I (personally) think it would've been nicer if it was easier and faster to control, with more difficult levels to balance it out.

4 4 3

This game is fun! It fits with the theme and the music perfectly. I only wish there were more