What did I tell you, cyborg gorilla. Not as good as I'd've liked buthe'll do.

Vandal Parts

Strategy game with fighting robots. Each completed level yeilds another ally.


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Overall: 2.1
Fun: 1.7
Production: 2.2
Innovation: 2.5

57% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 6


File Uploader Date
Update adding title screen.
Badger 2008/04/05 18:11
First submission. Maybe the last ...
Badger 2008/04/05 17:08
What did I tell you, cyborg gorilla. Not as good as I'd've liked buthe'll do.
Badger 2008/04/05 16:56
Enemy AI, different levels. Now it's officially a game. Just some finishing touches tomorrow.
Badger 2008/04/04 22:49
Not much difference. Some graphical upgrading and ai is in the process of being made.
Badger 2008/04/03 21:04
Look! Jeffrey has some friends, uh, enemies. The red button ends the turn. Or it would if we had a battle system yet.
Badger 2008/04/02 21:09
Jeffrey close-up. Look at the chainsaw!
Badger 2008/04/01 20:44
This is our first robot Jeffrey! He moves and attacks and everything!
Badger 2008/04/01 20:43
Added pools of oil. And more importantly, a robot! He doesn't move but we'll get there.
Badger 2008/03/31 21:16
Day one. No robots yet, just an example map.
Badger 2008/03/30 21:18

Diary Entries


Dances huh. If anyone makes anything remotely like a DDR game, I will be forced to leap through their screen and stab them.


Plans shattered

Well. Our only idea for robot is too difficult to do in a week so we're pretty much screwed. Although, we do have a cyborg gorilla and that can't hurt. We just need to think of something today then we can do it in 6 days.

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So close now.

I'm not sure if we can get everything we want done tomorrow but hopefully... Anyway, last day tomorrow and good luck to everyone. May the best entry win. And may my entry WORK ON EVERYONES MACHINE PLEASE!

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Any problems with Vandal Parts?

Cause we got 36% DNW last time, just want to know in advance here.