PyWeek - Superfly Funky Stuff - feedback

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3 4 3

Nice one!

3 4 3

Nice graphics. Pretty fun. The dolphin responsiveness and momentum was a bit syrupy. Would be cool to have some tricks to turn fast, etc.

2 3 2

I didn't vote for a disqualification even though there seems to be no evidence your annoying music was appropriately licensed by the creators.

4 4 3

Simple concept, great game to have a few minutes of fun. The graphics, sound and music, everything is great. Nice work.

4 4 2

Some splashes would have been nice but quite enjoyable overall.

3 2 2

Dolphin controls quite fun although they still need a bit of work. Production wasn't too bad but there were a number of sound glitches and general niggles that made me knock it down a notch.

3 4 4

The point around which the dolphin rotates is a bit odd.

3 3 3

Not bad, but lacked enough variety to keep me engaged.

3 4 3

Good production, it needs some additioanl features to support fun, it becomes boring after a while. I like home made sound effects, I don't like the music you choose, I would prefer something more relaxed.

3 3 3

Cute idea, but it got old kind of fast. Needs more variety of gameplay. I think there should be more incentive to try to jump higher.

4 4 4

nice little game

3 4 4

Love the art style. The flipper falling upside down (on its' back belly up) is kinda weird though.

2 3 1

Nice font, cool music, some nice graphics. Although not own art they still contribute to the production values of the game. The gameplay hinges solely on the dolphin jumping dynamics and sometimes it does feel great (you can do flips!) but more often I found it getting in the way of catching the rings. All in all a tidy little game if nothing special.

3 4 2

Nicely polished mini-game :D

4 4 3

Funny game, getting harder every time you advance a level. I had problems when trying to load 'splash.png', but I replaced that file with another image and it finally worked fine.

3 3 3

Fairly simple idea, pretty good implementation of it. It isn't the kind of game I'm good at, so I didn't get very far, but there's nothing obviously wrong with it. On the other hand, there's nothing obviously awesome about it either. A solid game, but it doesn't excite me.

4 4 4

Fun, although catching the hoops can be tricky. A clearer indication of the surface would also help. I couldn't get past level 3.

3 4 3

Pretty nice game, easy.. I found a bug thou, if you jump by the boat, you catch almost everything in the begining :D

2 4 3

Hey, I'm sorry I marked you game with low 'fun' value, but it ran very slowly on my old laptop (2005-era Thinkpad T60), about three frames per second, that I couldn't collect any rings, no matter how hard I tried.

The graphics looked great though!

4 4 4

Nice little game.

1 1 1 yes

Tries to create a 3000 x 141 texture, which is too big for my graphics card.

2 2 2

Not my type of gameplay, but nicely done for the style.