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Interesting idea with programmable projectiles, but not very polished. The physics seemed
very wonky.

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Sorry, I had trouble getting greenlet installed. If I get a chance I'll come back to your entry!

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I like the equation idea, although not pausing the game while entering equations isn't great.
Lack of actual gameplay is a bit disappointing.

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Didn't work very well - kept freezing as I typed in an equation. Greenlet scheduling problems,

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Looks like I got a version incompatibility. C:/Python26/pythonw.exe -u
"/pyweek14/SubdwarfPyWeek/" Traceback (most recent call last): File
"/SubdwarfPyWeek/", line 1, in from MainMission import * File
"\SubdwarfPyWeek\", line 1, in from Mission import * File
"\SubdwarfPyWeek\", line 1, in from Utils import stackless, Wait File
"\SubdwarfPyWeek\", line 3, in import greenstackless as stackless File
"\SubdwarfPyWeek\", line 42, in from greenlet import greenlet #as of
version 1.0 of py, it does not supply greenlets anymore ImportError: No module named greenlet

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Thank you for this near impossible to control asteroids clone. Shift was apparently not
detected by the program, so it was impossible to enter the parentheses for "sin(...)". I
modified the code to get past this hurdle.

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Looks like it would have been interesting if finished. I didn't like the long instructions.
Couldn't figure out what to do and had to restart a couple of times after crashing into things.

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greenlet library is required to play.

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You forget to add that greenlet is required to run this game; Hard controls; Nice concept, but
needs more polishing.

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If I understood the game, you are supposed to enter an equation affecting the bullet's path. No
way man... this would never be funny enough. And the worst is when you are not able to enter
brackets in an equation.

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Didn't work, seems to be linux only. Nothing wrong with that per se, but I don't have linux.