PyWeek - Strings - feedback

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3 4 2

Well produced.

3 3 3

4 4 3

4 4 4

Pretty cool game mechanic, though I wish you'd put the wing flapping on another button. Game was quite frustrating at times.

4 3 3

Would have rated higher if the controls wasn't so frustrating. And with a proper game ending ofc :)

3 3 4

shame about the abrupt ending :(

4 4 3

nice tutorial section and powerups that made sense. nothing seemed to happen in the final room but i guess it would just crash after that anyway.

4 3 4

I didn't see as much of this game as I would have liked. Most of that is due to my lack of skill with platformers, but I did find it hard to get the timing right on the multiple flapping mechanic and spent much of my playing time missing one-tile landings in the middle of space. I don't think I successfully bounced off any of the insect-things to get anything useful. :-/

I like the general concept, and the game world felt big enough to make me want to explore rather than just getting to the next level. I particularly like the hidden golden feathers that make further gameplay easier if you take the time to look for them.

4 4 1

A fun game of metroid with a chicken!
Stuck on a level because enemies don't respawn even after death(and can't jump high enough to the exit)
Small font.
Controls are a bit annoying with the springs.

4 5 3

Not bad, even if it's something we've all seen before. Even though you didn't get to the ending
screen, you get extra production points for writing your own music.

2 4 3

Kudos for the art<br>
Needs some controllability tweaks, like less inertia in the x-axis ( or not so narrow steps ), combo jump is not fun.

3 4 4

nice game, but I somehow did not advance in level 3 (did not get to the higher platform near the trampolin-pudding).. :/

4 4 3

Cute and fun. Well-produced.

3 3 4

The game is hard to be played for a platform. The graphics, from one side seems to be harmonic and well organized, but is something weird there lacks me on rating it better... colours seems to be good, but the bird, background, and some sprites really needs improvements. It's sad not seeing more animation from the bird.

3 3 3

Nice amounts of work in the level design. However, they could use some play-testing to make them more navigable, and to make movement a bit more fluid -- perhaps portals leading backwards would help, since I know I missed a few jump-boosting feathers in my search.

Also, the controls need tweaking. For starters, moving the jump key away from the movement keys would be a great help. After that, making the player decelerate faster would go a long way towards bettering the platformer feel. I slipped off of things way too easily.

3 5 2

great game. the bird felt so flightless!

3 4 3


4 4 4

I like the flight mechanic.


4 4 2


3 3 3

Quite nice, and fairly challenging in places. Would be improved by a walking animation and a slightly faster walking speed. BTW, crashed right at the end with
File "/Local/Games/Python/PyWeek9/FlightOfChicarus/", line 302, in run
for x in self.level["areas"][self.area]["enemies"]:
KeyError: 'GameEnd'

3 5 3

Double-jumping seems really hard.

4 2 2

A simple platformer with a missing walk animation and sometimes unclear level goals. Who would have thought it would be this much fun? Somehow the hero and the narrator have so much personality, I was smiling a lot. Especially at the very end :).

3 3 2

Managed to get three golden feathers, then couldn't progress any further due to an (after 10 minutes of trying) unreachable ledge.