PyWeek - Splades Akimbo - feedback

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3 3 3

the idea is not new, but the gameplay is nice. bonus point for that.

1 2 1 yes

Control is awkward and the jumping puzzles require irritating precision. Game doesn't really seem to be finished, why do I have a gun? DQ for not including source.

3 2 1 yes

nice jump and run. it was fun to play the few levels and i think that shooting enemies with the mouse would be even more. btw: i did disqualify you because you only commited pyc files and not the sources.

1 1 1 yes

No source

3 4 2 yes

Disqualify: You *must* supply source.

1 1 1

Are you joking us?????

No .py???? All closed source??? You must be kidding, or crazy...

Anyway, the game didn't follow the recommended structure... no

4 3 3

Nice job on the game! Fun and simple platformer, with good level design that makes adequate usage of its simple mechanics to create fun gameplay that is challenging, but not frustrating, simple, but not simplistic, and fun, while remaining fresh. Good job on the game! It was fun, and I liked the jumping puzzle in the last level. Well done on the game!

3 3 2

The blipping between rooms with very little provocation was quite disorienting. Otherwise was pretty much a platformer.

3 3 2

Okay as far as it goes, but could do with more variety. Great choice of music!

2 2 3

I liked the camera movement for the level changes - it adds a nice touch.

It doesn't really fit the theme though. Yeah you said it is inside a robot, but nothing in the game actually suggests that.

4 2 2

A lot of fun, too short but it was enjoyable. Obviously not finished, you have shooting and nothing to shoot!

1 1 1 yes

Don't respect the rules. Where's the "py" files???

2 2 1 yes

Where is the source? Just pyc's don't count...


Note the section about code/source needing to be in the distro.

Also, your ReadMe doesn't include license or dependencies.


3 3 2

It was a fun little game - I loved that it had an end, I love your scanned title screen as well.

2 2 2 yes

Not very interesting plataformer:

Disqualify reason: No source code was submitted!

2 2 1

Where's the robot? You're inside it or something? Uh-huh.

3 1 1


3 1 1


3 2 3

The game makes me dizzy. The aesthetic is nice, but needs some work - the character is too small (really a strain on the eyes to play), for example.

3 2 2 yes

It could be more fun if there wasn't some quirks, i.e. jumping at spikes from below kills you
(you should at least make the image two-sided ;)) or if you touch the entrance you get to the
previous level (this may be meant as a feature but it is simply annoying - why would I want to go
back, anyway?). And you didn't include the source code..

2 2 3

Nice idea, but you definitely need an artist - and I don't know why, but the game looked really not finished. ^^

2 1 2

Too easy, it take me 2 minutes aprox to finish

3 2 2

I *almost* picked "disqualify" because you didn't include source code. But since your readme did specifically mention the license, I'll assume that was just an oversight.

I loved the way the gun worked, it was a shame there was nothing to shoot with it. Pretty good jumping mechanics too.

2 1 1

Boring and not robotic. I also got stuck quite a bit.