Shooting Jellybeans!

Easter Wobble

For my next feat, ladies and gentlemen, I will attempt to create a finished game within seven days, while working two jobs -- having only previously created half of a python game ever (StreetSurf for PyWeek 7). Those of a weak constitution may wish to leave the audience! :-)


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As final as it's gonna get this time around
boiserm 2010/04/03 22:45
Shooting Jellybeans!
boiserm 2010/04/01 02:05

Diary Entries

Let's try this again

So I had a great experience making StreetSurf (cat on the trash can lid) way back in PyWeek 7, even though I accidentally released a final version that crashed nearly immediately for most users.


Nowhere to go but up, right?  It'll be impossible to invest the time I'd like for this PyWeek, so I'll have to settle for getting something that *cough* works *cough* and has a way to win and/or lose.  We'll see what happens, but I'm looking forward to it.

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Test version uploaded

So there's no objective yet, but the mechanics are kinda fun.  I had an idea to have a (wobbly, of course) easter egg, who can shoot jelly beans and hop.  Shooting has a recoil effect, and if you fall on the ground at an angle greater than ~85 degrees, you lose a life.

We'll see where this goes.  This week should be even busier than I had anticipated, unfortunately.

NOTE: Included documentation is non-existent.

a = hop
s = shoot
right, left = tilt


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