PyWeek - Salt and Vinegar - feedback

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2 4 1

I should try the two players mode.

3 4 2

Nice graphics and sound, but I can't give it much for innovation. How did the theme fit in? Played OK for what it was.

2 3 1


3 4 3

Nice! Great looking machine!

4 3 3

nice game.. the environments could have been made better looking. The intro screen is awesome. The vehicle is awesome.

4 4 3

Your readme points to the wrong file but otherwise I think it's an awesome game (especially for one week)!

3 4 1

Well, it's a racing game. Not a bad one, though the graphical style really would require a bit more work. I particularly liked the music.

4 3 4

the game uses 2d houses and 2d things but other then that it is ok i can beet the computer

2 3 1

How does this fit with the theme? Steam has no use in the game play at all. It's just a simple racing game...

2 3 2 yes

Hmm. Not sure where "it runs on steam" comes in with this entry.

2 4 1

driving physiscs are very weird

5 2 2

This was among the most fun of the entries but several errors made it very hard to begin play.

2 2 1

nothing new about this game, and it doesn't have too much of a real 3d too

3 5 1

Good game, runs well. Kina needs a bit of work as far as the racing goes. Also doesn't really make use of the theme.

3 4 2

The car was really cool looking. I wish it had a dynamic specular highlight that shifted as the car moved--that would have been hella cool.

Other graphics generally looked good, but were a little buggy (for example, the far clipping plane was set too close).

Car's dynamics really needed improvement; the thing couldn't seem to turn without losing nearly all its speed.

4 4 3

Bugs: You need a 3-2-1 Start sequence at the start of races. As it is, the computer player will start ahead of you, and you have a tendancy to either start the game going backwards very fast, or stuck outside the track. Also, hitting "repeat track" will restart the track in 2-player mode. Other than this, the game just seems a bit "generic"...

2 4 2

Technically and graphically impressive, but marred by various bugs.

4 4 3

Good game I really enjoyed playing. The UI is very-very nice. Split screen mode ownz!

3 3 2

not a bad racing game

3 4 2

This is a pretty basic racing game. The single player mode isn't very interesting because the AI is very stupid. I haven't had a chance to try out the two player mode unfortunately. The menu graphics are very impressive and the in-game graphics are good too, although the tracks are quite obviously made from square blocks. There are also plenty of tracks to race on, which is nice.

3 4 2

Pretty cool game you made.

I liked the car model, and the tracks looked pretty good. The sounds and music were good.

There was a little bit of popping in/out of the background graphics. For gamepad/joystick, letting it go forwards, not just left and right would be good.

Well done!