PyWeek - Slappa! - feedback

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5 4 3

This was great! The idea was straightforward, but the execution was excellent! The graphics
and animations really flow smoothly and the game is a lot of fun. I would have given you 5 in
Production if you had made the animations yourself (since I thought they were the high point of
the game), but it's alright that you didn't, the way you put everything together was great and
the game was still very fun and polished. Excellent work on this game!

4 4 3

Nice. Fun little game. Good controls. Probably even more fun with two player, but couldn't
test alone.

Maybe the difficulty could increase a little bit slower with only one player, but otherwise no
real problems.

4 4 2

Nice! It actually controls quite well. Despite using ready-made artwork and sounds, the
atmosphere is strong. The game is fun! It has a nice arcade feel to it, as the screen slowly fills
up with more monsters and projectiles. The menu and score keeping are nice, as is the
two-player mode.

4 4 2

Really fun game. Playing One Finger Death Punch and this was like that and oh so funny

3 3 4

I wanted to like this. Unfortunately the jumping around twitchy button-masher thing doesn't
come easy to me. I thought that slapping the projectiles back at the enemy was interesting and
innovative. I would have liked an easy mode! Or a choice to start easier and progress towards
hard. Maybe that's asking too much for Pyweek. :) Despite my slant, I thought this was a pretty
decent looking game. Nice work.

5 4 4

This was super cute. Wish there was more to it (maybe I just suck and couldn't get past the first
level? :) and the collision detection was a little twitchy. Other than that it was excellent.
Well done!

4 4 3

Nice work. Smacking the gong to start was a nice touch.

4 4 3

Fun music and graphics! Plus it is nice to have a co-op mode.

4 4 3

A ton of fun to play, easy to understand controls, and it ran really smooth. Concept was
adorable, killer game!

1 1 1 yes

Crashed with no error report on Linux - not sure what was going on!

1 1 1 yes

Couldn't get it to run. The game would exit immediately on starting. Running on osx 10.8,
pygame 1.9 python 2.7.3. Tried python 3.4.2 but exit with error couldn't import modules
properly. Wasn't using any joysticks/gamepads, not sure if this is an issue.

5 4 3

Playing your game was a lot of fun! The gameplay is nice, the graphics are quite acceptable and
the ingame music is just ridiculously wonderful.

5 5 5

This is a really great game! Simple, but very innovative, very fun, and very nice-looking and

I did find one problem: the gamepad controls for player 2 are noticeably slower than the
keyboard controls for player 1. It's a pretty minor issue, though, since the 2-player mode is

4 5 4

This was a fully realized game in all aspects: gameplay, audio, visuals - it all worked
perfectly! I had a lot of fun playing this one. The sound effects and choices in artwork really
worked for me. Nice work!

3 3 2

It was a ok game. not very well done menu.