SimRex Rides Again

Back for a second go! Really enjoyed the first contest, and this time I'm hoping to be more focused and more productive because of the lessons learnt.


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Finally I have an idea..

Now to start coding it! Heh... I'm going to be surprised if I manage to polish this game at all, but I think I'll have time to implement my idea (which will be a Chips Challenge clone with a few ideas thrown in for good measure) before the end of the contest.

After my pre-contest support for the (unsuccessful) campaign to make "use of theme" a voting category, I guess I was asking to find myself in a situation where the only game I could think of to make was a copy of something else with the theme shoehorned in ;)

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Oh well...

Many things have contributed to me not getting an entry completed - laziness, tiredness, lack of time... Today, the final nail in the coffin arrived - Lego Star Wars 2... I've made more headway than my entry here would show, and will probably develop the project to some kind of fruition, but not in the next 4 hours.

Best of luck to the rest of you, and I look forward to playing the finished products! Now, I have a Death Star to escape from ;)

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