PyWeek - CrazyIroning - feedback

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Oh, so masculine!

2 2 3

it was hard to play to me, on my notebook (my only machine), and also didn't liked the game.

3 4 3

Pretty funny. Great idea!

2 2 2

The concept is weird, original and funny, but the game just isn't very interesting
gameplay-wise. It needs more complexity, and that old key-mashing thing should've been left
to the 80s.

2 2 2

Keep up the good work!

2 3 3

Nice idea. Constantly tapping for more steam gets a bit annoying though.

2 3 3

Haha game type does not apeial to me... but i still seam not to win when i iron every thing...

2 3 5

A very interesting idea - really hard though! I can't complete the first level of the game which takes the fun out of it :-(

3 2 4

I never thought ironing could be this entertaining!

2 4 4

Bad thing first: I think that this game is a little unfair on the beginner, because you can eradicate all of the creases that you can see, and still not complete the level. Could the game be adjusted so as to make it easier to blot out a crease? It feels as if the pink pixels are being counted as part of the crease.

That said: the game is solid work, with good artwork and an innovative game mechanic.

1 2 2

maybe a game with ironing could be fun but this one has just repetitive keyboard striking - which isn't very fun

1 2 1

Cute. It was a little hard to get a whole garment ironed (evidently because there was a stray pixel somewhere that was hard to see), and the game was more sluggish than it needed to be. It could benefit from some optimization.

1 2 1

Couldn't play the game. First I got an error due to a missing freesansbold.ttf - when I jury-rigged one in, I then got:

File "", line 78, in draw
s = self.surface.copy()
AttributeError: copy

3 2 4

Great use of theme! Very veyr original idea. THe art and production values suffer a bit (There's one particular bug where it can say you still need to iron but can't see any creases)

4 3 5

This is certainly one of the more unusual games in this compo. The only major problem with it is the whole "well, it looks ironed, but the game says I have one pixel in here that's not" problem. I suggest changing the victory conditions from "all ironed" to "all except a little bit ironed". And add more levels, while you're at it...

2 1 1

poor game

2 3 4

Interesting game. The idea is surprising but it's a bit boring after time.

3 3 3

nice idea..

2 3 3

funny idea an looks. could not iron the shorts. not very fun.

2 4 3

A game about ironing clothes might sound like a boring idea, but in reality... umm... it is pretty boring. The Track & Field -like hammering of buttons to gain pressure is pretty tedious, and I think the game could've been better, although still boring, without it. One big problem with the game is that it's very hard to see what spot you have not yet ironed. I figured you only needed to iron the wrinkles off, but apparently you need to iron the whole piece of clothing. This game has probably been seen before as a minigame in Nintendo's WarioWare, which is probably a more suitable environment for this kind of game. The graphics are pretty good, but the sounds get pretty annoying. Some music might had helped.
Also, I was a bit disappointed that you couldn't set the clothes on fire by applying pressure in one spot for too long.

2 4 4

Too hard ;) I'm just not good enough at ironing I guess.

3 3 4

Funny game. Very... different.

3 2 4

this was pretty fun to play, but too hard -- the steam-detector should be a bit more merciful :) i was unable to get far in the game even though it looked like i was doing the job.

3 3 4

A good idea with generally good production.